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    Chainsaw Man Chapter 152 Discussion: Chainsaw’s Back!

    It’s been quite some time since I’ve reviewed manga chapters. It’s ironic because in this chapter someone is back (and from the title you can already see who I am talking about) while I am also back to reviewing the manga chapters and writing in general. Anyway, I will do some Chainsaw Man chapter 152 discussion in this article, and without further ado let’s start.

    The chapter begins with Denji becoming Chainsaw Man as we saw in the last chapter while the people around him confusing with a regular wanna-be chainsaw man, even though he’s the actual one – which is funny. As we saw in the last chapter, the other Hybrid Devils have destroyed Denji’s house and killed his pets which is very sad. This has to be one of the most disturbing moments of the manga for me. Thankfully, the author didn’t show the actual killing of the animals but we know that they have been burned alongside the whole apartment.

    Afterward, the Hybrid Devils lose interest in Mifune as they throw her down and move towards Denji who is also ready for an all-out assault. Nayuta tells Denji that becoming Chainsaw Man is not a good idea but he has a different opinion and tells her to get out of his way.

    The next part, to me personally, is the highlight of this chapter when Denji asks Pochita in his mind a rhetorical question; isn’t he the worst because his pets are dead, his house is burned and there is so much destruction going on but he is feeling like a million bucks! Denji is partially expressing guilt but majorly he’s more than happy as he finally gets to be the Chainsaw Man again.

    Chainsaw Man Chapter 152
    Denji feels like a million bucks.

    I read somewhere that “Denji is a complex character disguised as a shallow one” and this is so true because this subtle scene has added yet another layer to Denji’s character. As we move ahead in the story, not only we readers are getting to know more about the main character, but Denji is also realizing his true nature.

    Next up, we jump to some very cool fight scenes. We see the Whip Devil and the Longsword Devil charge towards Denji while he sort of parries their attacks. Chainsaw Man then gets stabbed in the back by Spear Devil but shockingly, the former cuts the enemy in half from torse while also cutting himself. Typical Tatsuki Fujimoto stuff.

    The whole fight sequence just shows us how good Dennji is in fighting. It’s not just that his powers are super strong but he is pretty skilled because he has been hunting devils since he was quite young. He adapted this way of living and subsequently has become quite strong.

    Denji clashes with Longsword Devil and both of them end up stabbing each other. The following scene has to be one of the best moments of Chainsaw Man so far as he compares his combat with the “massage” – which is also the chapter’s title. He explains to the confused Nayuta that just like in a massage, there is this sweet spot where you feel pleasure from pain, and he is currently also feeling the exact sweetness where his pain of getting stabbed, getting cut in half, and more, is bringing nothing but pleasure and thrill to him.

    This makes it a very interesting point in the arc as I think Denji would now part ways with Nayuta and embrace his Chainsaw Man side which he has been hiding since the beginning of this arc. I am very much looking forward to where the manga and Denji’s character will go from now on. Guess, we will have to wait till the next chapter.

    That’s all on Chainsaw Man Chapter 152 discussion. Feel free to share your thoughts as I have shared mine. You can check out our Manga section for articles like this.

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