Tatsumaki Fanart Collection Showcasing her Beauty and Power

    Tatsumaki is the S-Class Rank 2 pro hero of the Hero Association and is also known by her hero identity Tornado of Terror. She is regarded as one of the strongest heroes by the Hero Association. She is an esper, the elder sister of Fubuki, and a self-declared instructor. The Psychic Sisters are the name given to her and her sister. Due to her popularity, many fans have tried to make her in their own way. Let’s see some Tatsumaki Fanart of this amazingly powerful character.


    Named by the artist @tenobeee herself, it’s a Tatsumaki graffiti-style drawing. The extreme colors give away the graffiti feel too which means it stayed true to what it wanted to convey. The bold choice of red and purple highlights go well with the sage green of her hair and eyes.


    Tatsumaki Fanart

    Here is an angry Tatsumaki drew and presented by blue1cup. The slight blur on the edges brings a sharp focus to her expression. Good job with it!

    Jigme Tenzin

    Tatsumaki Fanart

    @jigmetenzin_w drew the Esper sisters from Onepunch-man here together in one frame. Tatsumaki looks tiny compared to Fubuki for sure.

    Kuvshinov Ilya

    Tatsumaki Fanart

    Another serious one by Kuvshinov Ilya who posts on her Patreon. The shadow and solid background makes it look like a photoshoot setup. Also, the color contrast is quite eye-catching too.


    Tatsumaki Fanart

    Ever wondered how Tatsumaki would look as a human? Look no further because @Aerith132 has blessed us with exactly that. I have no words this is just so good.


    The neon highlights, her slight bold look, and glowing eyes all scream danger. Nakashima8Kazuma drew this and the skill required to make this look amazing is just mind-blowing. Good Work!


    If you want to find some high-quality Tatsumaki fanart, go to Pixiv. The quality and detail put into the art present there is amazing and this is proved by this art by Achyue on Pixiv.


    Finally, a happy and fun expression after several angry ones does lighten up the mood. This fanart is by @jeonghee1414 and the attention to detail is praiseworthy. Amazing!


    @Jourd4n_ played around with different hairstyles on Tatsumaki and this is how they turned out. Pretty cute if you ask me and surprisingly, none look bad.

    Cyberpunk Tatsumaki

    The change in color scheme from the original light green to this turquoise makes her look like some kind of game character. She looks more from Cyberpunk Edgerunners than One-Punch Man here.

    Cute but Angry

    The title says it all. She still looks cute even if she’s screaming. Also the small crouching Fubuki looks really tiny as compared to Tatsumaki here.

    Side Profile Tatsumaki

    The original artist who posted this has unfortunately removed it themselves. Still, let’s look at how good this art is. From the detailing to the shadows everything looks super crisp and clean.


    This art is by TheGoldenSmurf on Deviantart. The picture quality and the clean drawing with solid background make it really pleasing to look at.


    A powerful depiction of Tatsumaki by jurrig. The neon highlights make the art look more interesting and captivating.


    Tatsumaki Fanart

    This fanart by Ao-ryn will literally blow you away. The bossy and dangerous vibes of Tatsumaki are perfectly captured in it despite it being minimal colors and appearance. But with the details, the artist gave it all. Amazing work overall!

    Flying in the Clouds

    This picture is super soft but powerful at the same time. The swirling clouds may be her depiction of her name, Tornado which is shown really interestingly. Props to the Artist!


    Tatsumaki Fanart

    A side profile with her hair tied up gives Tatsumaki a new look. For this new portrayal, we can give credit to IIYametaII.

    Not-so-Petite Tatsumaki

    Not all depictions need to be true to character and this drawing is just that. With a more realistic body proportions, Tatsumaki is still herself and this artist proved that.


    Let’s end with this cute (maybe chibi) concept applied to Tatsumaki. The art style and detailing is really gorgeous so credit to the artist, @Bitseon_, for giving this much attention to it.

    These are all the Tatsumaki fanart we thought were good enough to be mentioned. If you know any other ones or the names of artists for the ones missing, do let us know in the comments below. Also, check out Fubuki Fanart after this as that’s already been covered on our site Retrology.

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