ArtFan ArtOne Punch Man Fubuki Fanart Collection

    One Punch Man Fubuki Fanart Collection

    One Punch Man is a webcomic by ONE, adapted into a manga by ONE and Yusuke Murata. The manga was adapted into an anime by Madhouse in 2015 and the second season by J.C. Staff. One of the secondary main characters in the show is Fubuki. Here we have compiled some of the coolest Fubuki fanart which will surely make you like her more.

    Fubuki is the sister of Tatsumaki, the S-class rank 2 hero. Fubuki herself, however, is a B-class rank 1 hero. Although she seems cold-hearted and confident, she is very insecure. She does not believe she’ll be able to reach the top of rank A, hence staying in Rank B.

    But besides her rank, she cares about others a lot too and has put herself in harm’s way to protect them. She is also composed and intelligent and is able to move strategically. Moreover, she has changed quite a lot after crossing paths with Saitama.


    Fubuki by Mateidragneart

    To start off we have this beautiful art by Mateidragneart or u/saltsalts4lt on Reddit. It really is so hard to draw your eyes away from this piece.


    Fubuki by Arthur_Rosse

    This super cute artwork by Arthur Rosse on Medibang’s Art Street has a simplistic style and coloring from the manga.


    Fubuki by artgerm

    Next, we have this stunning traditional art piece by the artgerm. Just like the rest of their pieces, this one is absolutely captivating.


    Fubuki by Megaween

    This gorgeous artwork adorns Fubuki in more necklaces over her iconic green top. Although the dress is different, it looks amazing on her.

    Ilya Kuvshinov

    Fubuki by Ilya Kuvshinov

    Next, this stunning fanart by Ilya Kuvshinov. The features all seem so soft and the expression really is the cutest.


    fubuki fanart
    Fubuki by Kudaranaikusogaki

    This piece seems like something out of the manga of One Punch Man. Fubuki is known for wearing fancy dresses and this one suits her so well.


    Fubuki by ShunyaYamashita

    ShunyaYamashita‘s fanart shows Fubuki in her signature attire using her abilities. It truly is one of the coolest pieces on this list.

    Regardez Re:Zero

    fubuki fanart
    Fubuki by Vegitoblue420

    Published by Vegitoblue420, this piece has Fubuki in more casual clothes. Although it’s a unique look, she really does look stunning.


    fubuki fanart
    Fubuki by Magion02

    Magion02 – the artist shows Fubuki in action here, doing her iconic pose while using her abilities.


    Fubuki by Guweiz

    This beautiful fanart by Guweiz shows Fubuki’s coldness and shows her confidence on the outside amazingly.

    These are all of our favorite Fubuki Fanart. Now, if you haven’t heard yet, in a recent tweet Murata announced the end of the Monster Association Arc. Moreover, you can also check out Spy x Family’s Loid Forger and Anya Forger fanart. For more anime content, stay tuned to Retrology.

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