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    Spy x Family Yor Forger Fan Art

    Spy x Family has outdone everyone’s expectations since it started airing. Produced by CloverWorks and Wit Studio, this anime has a truly unique storyline. The noteworthy and different characters are the reason why each episode is more and more anticipated. The anime follows a spy who has to build a family in order to complete a mission. The woman he decides to be in a marriage with is a skilled assassin who becomes Yor Forger. Previously we have covered Anya Forger fan art that you should definitely check out. Here is some super cool Yor Forger fan art for you.


    The art above gives a very dark and cool vibe as it shows Yor Forger with her weapon in both hands and we can only see her back.

    Zumi Draws

    Here we can see her with green colored hair and in our opinion, they look amazing. There is also a bloodstain on her back which indicated that Yor Forger is in fact an assassin.

    Saii Via

    The art here shows Yor Forger ready to attack with a beautiful background that totally blends in. Yor Forger works as a clerk at Berlint City Hall and she marries Loid for her own goal.



    The picture shows Yor Forger holding the weapon she uses in her assassination job. The art style is very unique and detailed. We love how the artist has drawn her dress. She also looks very cute with those facial expressions.


    Yor Forger looks truly amazing in the picture here. Her expressions, the outfit and her weapon are very well drawn and depicted.


    The fan art shows Yor Forger looking into a broken glass piece and you can only see her eye. In our opinion, this gives off an evil and dark look of her.

    Unknown Artist

    We can see Yor Forger in an off-shoulder shirt and she looks a bit different here. The artist has made her look super cute and innocent. The art style is very unique and ethereal.


    We absolutely love Yor Forger’s emotions in this. The art gives off a very water-color effect. Her signature look is her black hair that she secures with a headband and she also wears a dangling gold earring.


    Here we can see Yor Forger holding a rose with a mesmerized expression. She has her hair let down from one side and we absolutely love that.


    This artist has called Yor Forger Thorn Princess. Thorn Princess is her code name which is probably given to her because of the weapon that she uses while assassinating her targets. In the fan art, she has kind of blue hair and her outfit is also blue which looks very cool.

    Here each artist has used their own art style to show Yor Forger and her emotions. We absolutely admire each and every detail.


    Yor is displaying a variety of emotions in this fan art. She is also shown wearing a different outfit in the middle. Her headband and dress are also white and she looks scared in this depiction.


    Yor Forger is seen wearing an off-shoulder top on top of her dress. Her expression looks like she is in awe of something.


    It may not look like it but Yor Forger is extremely powerful and skilled. She can even crush people with her raw strength. Here she is shown posing with the weapon she uses.

    This is all on the Yor Forger fan art. We cover a lot of cool fan art and animation content so be sure to check that out. For more content like this keep following Retrology.

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