ArtFan ArtMirko fanart portraying her fierce personality perfectly

    Mirko fanart portraying her fierce personality perfectly

    The 5th ranked Pro Hero, is Rumi Usagiyama who is also known as Rabbit Hero: Mirko. Rumi has characteristics and skills similar to rabbits thanks to her quirk which include amazing leg power and amazing hearing ability. With her straightforward and blunt personality and athletic build, she is sure to catch your eye. Let’s look at some of the Mirko Fanart, made by people who adore her, which portray her perfectly through their drawings.

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    This fanart is by シイバラ・テツ_Skeb募集中 on Pixiv. This simple drawing shows Mirko eating and working out which goes so well with her personality.


    This is a beautiful introductory fanart by @Trevoshere. The shadows, the outline, and the neon purple highlights all complement each other really well.


    If you want to show the power of Mirko with art, this is it. Her expression looks lowkey scary and that mixed with the whole vibe of this picture, it’s amazing. Of course, all credit goes to @trubwlsum.


    A pirate bunny is here to steal your Heart! This is drawn by @kadeart who have many Mirko drawing on her profile so do check them out.

    Chris Metzner

    This art by @cmetznerdotcom is fierce and oozes talent. The pen shading and soft colors portray her character through a sketch perfectly. Another praise for the line work which is detailed and fine.


    The friendship between Mirko and Hawk is perfectly showcased here. Mirko definitely looks like she has annoyed Hawks successfully! Also, the art background gives it a textured paper drawing feel. Good job @kaged640.


    Mirko with the iconic kawaii heart pose. She really looks adorable and this was portrayed perfectly by @gud00c who has some other beautiful entries too.


    This picture gives off only one vibe, and that is POWER! The muscle definition of her expression screams power. The amount of detail this art piece has is phenomenal so good job BiscottiOld4836.

    四方山 与太話

    A fun colorful style of art by @4o080_YotaBNC is a nice transition from her scary looks to a friendlier and powerful look. Also, the background compliments her original colors nicely as they are quite bright against her white hair and outfit.


    Looks like no one can follow Mirko’s heavy workout routine. Poor Mt Lady. Apart from this fun aspect, the art looks like a comic or graphic novel design with color highlights and a black outline. Made by Swiss666 on Reddit.


    With all the rage and anger from Mirko Fanart in this article, we had to tone it down with a calm sweet Mirko. Of course, she has to rest too. Let’s enjoy this pretty drawing by @FailingRadish and use it as a stop before going in for another fierce drawing.


    Mirko as a warrior? Sure. This fanart by vitafer brings a new color to Mirko’s usual white outfit and it shows, she can pull off any color or style. 


    This Mirko Fanart has a whole different art style which makes her a new look. According to the artist, ulawil, this is how she would look if the art style of anime was like this. Clean details tho.

    These are all the Mirko fanart we thought was enough to portray her loud and scary personality. If you know any other ones or if we have mixed up someone’s credit, do let us know in the comments below. Also, check out Fubuki, Tatsumaki, Yamato, Lucy, and Rebecca Fanart as they are the anime characters already covered on our site Retrology.

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