ArtFan ArtCyberpunk Edgerunners Lucy Fanart

    Cyberpunk Edgerunners Lucy Fanart

    Cyberpunk Edgerunners is standalone anime series with 10 episodes. As soon as it was released, it became increasingly popular and has already gathered a considerable fandom for itself. Within the fandom, there are many talented artists so let’s look into how they perceive Lucy, as in their Cyberpunk Edgerunners Lucy Fanart.

    We recently covered the overall Cyberpunk Edgerunner fanart one along with a solo one for Rebecca. Check them out if interested. Apart from that, let’s get on with Lucy’s Fanarts.


    A solo art of Lucy by @Inhoso_art. This clearly shows off her character design well so a good effort by the artist.


    Wanted to see Lucy as a cat girl? Here it is! The Twitter user @ourboy83 made this drawing portraying Lucy as a cat girl without taking out her charm.


    A more true-to-its-roots art by @FuMeng0 showcasing a detailed version of the anime animation we see throughout the series.


    This fanart is drawn by @Bryuenart who used watercolor style shading to the next level. The optional blurring of some parts brings focus to another. A beautiful drawing indeed.


    Another drawing of Lucy in her comfort profile, this time by @TDaitw. The clean lines and shading so make it stand out.

    Das Man

    Cyberpunk Edgerunners lucy Fanart

    A close-up art by @DasMan21272223. This art piece is so good to look at, from the extreme detailing to the beautiful expression chosen by the artist are all very well portrayed here. Well done!


    There is only one thing you can say about this, Unique. The drawing style of @cal_119 is unique and beautiful in its own way. It looks like Lucy drawing but through a prism!


    Cyberpunk Edgerunners Lucy Fanart

    Are there any words to describe how beautiful this art is? This just radiated “talent” with the color palette and art style. Good work @wlopwangling!


    A rainbow highlighted Lucy by @jojourney123. This is such a fun take on using the neon in the anime to make it look like she is surrounded by colors and how those are reflecting like highlights.

    l u c

    Cyberpunk Edgerunners Lucy Fanart

    The back profile of Lucy was drawn by @lucadark_art. Honestly, this looks gloomy but in a good way. You can stare at it for hours because it looks like an oil painting but it’s not.

    Styles Q

    Cyberpunk Edgerunners Lucy Fanart

    A perfect fanart to end this article by @StylesQ10. It truly is amazing with its scaling to its detailing showcasing buildings in the background to the main frontal figure.

    That takes us to the end of Cyberpunk Edgerunners Lucy Fanart’s article. Let us know in the comment section below which one you liked the most. To know about All Cyberpunk Edgerunners Fanart you have to see or for more Fanart articles, keep following Retrology.

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