ArtFan ArtCyberpunk Edgerunners Rebecca Fanart Serving All Kinds of Looks

    Cyberpunk Edgerunners Rebecca Fanart Serving All Kinds of Looks

    Despite being a side character, Rebecca from Cyberpunk Edgerunners has become increasingly popular for her peculiar character. Let’s look at all the expressions and actions of this cyborg lady have been portrayed in these Rebecca Fanart from Cyberpunk Edgerunners.

    Gabu-chan (gbhering)

    Let’s start with this cute drawing of Rebecca which looks like how a cat would be if picked up. The adorable expression also goes well with the cat vibe. Well done @Gbhering. If you want to see more similar drawings, they post on their Twitter so check it out.

    Misza Dragonov

    This fan art by @MiszaDragonov showcases the perfect example of how minimalism is sometimes captivating. The contrasting colors draw attention to the picture perfectly.


    Just a fun fanart of Rebecca which is highly detailed and looks like it could be from the anime itself. @TCalkum may be making a human version of Rebecca soon so visit her profile to witness another of her amazing Rebecca drawings.


    Going along with the bright neon theme of the anime, @yzhai21 has captured that essence well in this fanart. The art looks like it’s from a futuristic time which may be the intention.


    Both of these drawings are by Nakii aka @c0rpseeaterr. Both showcase very different styles of aesthetics. The one on the left is fun and cute type while the one on the right radiates confidence. This artist is surely flexible in her work.


    This strikingly bright fanart is by @asuka111. The details and color palette are all true to the anime but somehow brighter so it captures your attention.


    If you’re looking to use fanart as your wallpaper, we’ve got you covered. This drawing by @KateW021 is everything you’ll need as your wallpaper which is filled with neon color as base and completed with a detailed character design.


    One-of-a-kind expression to be portrayed by Rebecca is portrayed here. Uniquely fun so let’s thank @RokerArts for this.


    If you’ve had enough of the cute and fun expressions, let’s look at this angry Rebecca fanart. The art looks like it’s taken from the anime so yeah, @Retrotheartist did a good job!

    KanLiu and Lucia Hsiang

    These pieces were created by a couple, @666KArt and @lulucia0512 and both of them are amazing fanart in their own way.

    Loyal Cloud

    Well, we couldn’t just leave out the memes. They are not necessarily fan art but are interesting enough to be added to this category.


    Here are some doodles serving us with different aspects of Rebecca. Once with under-shave, the other sleeping and three just sulking around. Let’s thank @idlemini for this insight.

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