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    One Piece Chapter 1056 Discussion: Chad Buggy Shocks Fandom Again!

    One Piece’s Wano arc has come to conclusion and things are getting wrapped up. The Strawhats, Heart Pirates, and Kid’s crew finally got to know some of the changes that happened in the outside world when they were busy clashing with Big Mom and Kaido. One of the most shocking news to everyone was Buggy being an emperor and now in the latest chapter, we have got to know something shocking again. In this post, One Piece Chapter 1056 Discussion, we are majorly focusing on the legendary Clown Pirate.

    Before we begin, the obvious should be stated that this post contains major spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1056.

    One Piece Chapter 1056 Discussion & Analysis

    Even before the actual chapter begins, we see that Katakuri and Oven are fighting against the Germa siblings. It is intriguing to ask that does Katakuri need help in battling all four siblings alone. Perhaps, he does.

    Summarizing the main points, we have seen that Carrot has been tasked to rule the Mink tribe and that she won’t be joining the Strawhats. This makes sense as Carrot never showed any intention to join the crew – although I would have liked her to be part of the team. Moreover, Oden’s retainers need to be present in Wano to ensure the security of the now-free country.

    Law, Luffy and Kid

    Sukiyaki revealed himself to his family and others. The Red Scabbards knew about him, except for Kinn’emon, of course! Luffy has no interest in the legendary weapon, Pluton. Thankfully, Shinbou has got her young form back. Caribou is intending to leak the information to someone only Oda knows. Blackbeard? Crocodile? Is it someone new? Let us know in the comments.

    The departure preparation scenes were my favorite ones. Kid mentioned someone marked by flames. My guess is that it is a new character, who is linked with One Piece. I would be very glad if it turns out to be Scopper of Roger’s crew. Yamato is very likely going to be next Strawhat. Why? A Reddit user pointed out that Momonuske called out the names of Strawhat pirates in the order they joined the crew! and Yamato’s name was the last. I checked it’s true.

    Now, some words on Chad Buggy.

    Cross Guild

    Cross Guild, One Piece

    Previously, when Buggy was announced as the new emperor, many fans started to make fun of his commanders in comparison to the commanders of current and previous emperors’ crews. But who knew that Buggy The Bombastic Clown would shock the fans with Sir Crocodile and Dracule Mihawk under his wing! No wonder he got to be an emperor.

    No, we all know, Buggy is a fraud. So how did he accomplish this? We will talk more about this in the later headings.

    Hunters Getting Hunted

    One of the most notable things that Buggy is being praised for is putting bounties on Marines. Hilarious! We are unsure whose idea was this, but I would love to know that Buggy was behind this one.

    Putting bounties on marines change things a lot. It means that the marines have to constantly watch out their backs from pirates and bounty hunters. Although, Admirals and Rear-Admirals wouldn’t have to worry but it would be hell for low-ranking officers.

    Also, how would Buggy be managing the finances for bounty rewards? Through Captian John’s treasure? or is this also a big scam?

    Buggy D. Clown

    There are many theories of Buggy being a D. and truth be told, I love these theories. I genuinely believed that Buggy was going to be an emperor given his past character development and significance despite him being a “moron” and it happened. So, who knows, Buggy “The” Clown actually turns out to be another member of mysterious Ds.

    Is Shanks Involved?

    Anyways, back to the One Piece Chapter 1056 discussion, how did Buggy manage to ally with Crocodile and Hawk-Eye? My guess is that there is quite the involvement of Shanks here. Remember, when he met Gorosei “to talk about a certain pirate?” Who knows that pirate wasn’t Teach, Luffy but would have been Buggy himself.

    I don’t know what Shanks’s true plan is but Buggy was Shanks’s crewmate and Hawk-Eye has always been close to Red Hair. So, Mihawk can only work with a guy like Buggy if someone like Shanks would have told him so. I can’t think of any other reason. Can’t say anything about Crocodile’s motives in this.

    If that’s the case, then Shanks can have an upper hand in controlling the seas as he could easily potentially ally with two emperors of the sea i.e. Luffy and Buggy. Not just that, but also with some past Warlords like Mihawk, Crocodile, Boa, and Jinbe. Not to mention, Shanks already has ties with the World government. How insane that is.

    Enough stretching this theory of mine. We are still unsure about the origins of Cross Guild in One Piece. Let’s see what Oda has in store for us regarding this.

    That’s all on One Piece Chapter 1056 discussion. For weekly reviews of manga and news on anime, gaming, and more, keep following Retrology.

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