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    One Piece Chapter 1037 Discussion and Analysis: Drunken Kaido, Zou Island, and more

    Before we start the One Piece Chapter 1037 discussion, it should be noted that this article contains spoilers for the latest chapter and possibly some previous chapters too. Also, if you want to get more hindsight that what has happened in the recent chapters then be sure to read the review and analysis of Chapter 1035 and Chapter 1036 of One Piece manga. That said, let’s jump right into the discussion.

    Drunk Kaido Phases

    First of all, the whole One Piece Chapter 1037 was amazing. The fight sequence between Luffy and Kaifo was really great this time. Particularly when Kaido got drunk. It was really amusing to see the yonko in his three phases i.e. Sad Drunk Phase, Crying Drunk Phase, and Angry Drunk Phase. the reason this was interesting is that drinking and mood fluctuation are key attributes in Kaido’s personality but throughout all of his recent fights, Kaido only showed his sober and stable side. So, these phases of Kaido gave the fans back a touch of his personality and habits. Not to mention, in his drunk phases, Kaido’s strength increased too.

    Luffy vs. Kaido

    This goes without saying that the fight in One Piece Chapter 1037 was on fire. The head-hitting scene to Kaido changing forms to Luffy’s persistence in beating Kaido, everything was incredible. It still impresses me to think that Luffy hasn’t used his Gear 4 at all and has only been using Gear 2 and Gear 3 and Conqueror Coated Attacks. This tells how far Luffy has come.

    Nico Robin in Danger

    One Piece Chapter 1037 discussion wouldn’t be complete if we don’t discuss the alarming fate of Nico Robin. We know that Robin is in danger due to her being able to read the Poneglyphs and this chapter gave us the grave reminder that World Government is still very determined to apprehend her. As the fight is going to get over, it seems that the attention will be drawn to Straw Hat pirates and particularly Nico Robin. Let’s hope her Nakama keeps her safe again.

    The legendary Devil Fruit

    The most confusing part of the chapter was the conversation about the legendary Devil Fruit which name has been removed from the history by World Government. At this point, we are unsure who is the fruit eater but judging from the panel of Zunesha approaching Wano, we think that they were talking about Zunesha. Although, some fans are speculating that the legendary devil fruit user is either Luffy, Tama, or Kaido but our take on this is that none of the three has a unique devil fruit name. Furthermore, Zunesha is one the oldest character and now that it is coming to Wano means that it has a key role to play. We think that Zunesha would avoid Onigashima from falling.

    But that’s our guess, so what do you think? Let us know down in the comments. That’s all regarding One Piece Chapter 1037 discussion and analysis. For weekly reviews, keep following Retrology.

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