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    One Piece Chapter 1049 Discussion – Everything Explained!

    So, we are back with an amazing chapter for this week of One Piece Manga. The Chapter 1049 is one of the best chapters so far as it has finally shown us Kaido’s flashback – even for a bit. The fight between Luffy vs. Kaido also concluded, perhaps? We also got to see other characters as well. All in all, Oda delivered a great chapter before going for a break next week. Before we begin One Piece Chapter 1049 discussion, it should be noted that this article contains spoilers for One Piece Manga Chapter 1049 and some previous ones.

    You are suggested to continue if you have read the latest chapter. We will discuss the major events that occurred in the chapter, plus answer some questions to the best of our knowledge. That said, let’s jump right into the analysis.

    Kaido’s Backstory

    The chapter began with Kaido recollecting his past and we finally got to see a glimpse of Kaido’s backstory. It seems he was a beast since childhood. He was mentioned soldier when he was 10 years old. My assumption is that Kaido was a habitant of the Kingdom of Vodka and the king there recruited the child Kaido as a soldier after observing his strength.

    Fast forward a few years, we see Kaido suggesting a rebellion against Celestial Dragons who take their kingdom’s hard-earned loot. This highlights Kaido’s detest for the Celestials during his early age.

    Afterward, we get to see Kaido has been captured and the leader of Vodka Kingdom, in exchange for a seat in Reverie, has offered him to the Navy to become a soldier there. Apparently, Kaido was too much to be handled by his Kingdom. A panel later, we see that Kaido escapes from the Marines.

    We also get to know why Kaido got caught by the Navy multiple times – as it was mentioned during his introduction. It is now revealed that every time Kaido hadn’t anything to eat and was hungry, he used to get himself caught to eat to his fill with Navy’s food and to escape later on. Hilarious!

    Two years after the above scene, we see Kaido showing off his brute strength in Fullalead Island – the same island where Blackbeard is currently residing. The 15-year-old Kaido then meets with young Whitebeard who introduces him to Rocks as Kaido was interested in becoming a pirate.

    Finally, we see someone in a black silhouette calls Kaido for an emergency in the God Valley. This is that island where Rocks pirates were defeated by the alliance of Navy – led by Garp, and Roger Pirates. So, it can be said that Kaido was being called for the battle with Garp and Roger’s team. God Valley island is currently vanished and no one knows what happened to it after this major battle.

    It is shown that Rock Pirates loses, and speculations were that they lost due to their pirates not being team players. We also see young Big Mom getting angry with the missing Kaido. It is unknown why Kaido went missing during a battle. It definitely wouldn’t be because of fear. My assumption is that the Navy and Roger Pirates might have planned to take out the Rock Pirates by separating them.

    Who was the black figure in flashback?

    Before we continue the One Piece Chapter 1049 discussion, there is confusion with the black figure in Kaido’s story. Who was the one calling Kaido to come to God Valley. Some people are saying it was the captain of the Rocks pirates, Rocks D. Xebec himself. But I think that’s not the case.

    It was young Big Mom as we saw in the later panel that she was wearing a hat the same as the black figure. Furthermore, the way she talked with Kaido doesn’t seem like Rocks giving an order. If it was Rocks, it wouldn’t have been an anxious call.

    Embodiment of Brutality

    Ten years after the God Valley incident, we see that Kaido has formed the Beast pirates and now assumedly residing in the Wano kingdom. King seems to be on his side, and perhaps Queen is also there, on Kaido’s left side? Kaido is called the “Embodiment of Brutality” by Higurashi due to his ruthless feats known around the world.

    The old hag gives Kaido a proposition that wasn’t revealed. My assumption is that Higurashi proposed Kaido enslave the people of Wano and get them to make weapons for him as we saw her describing the importance of weapons to Kaido during their conversation. Perhaps, Kaido’s ultimate goal was to make enough weapons to fight with the Celestial Nobles.

    Since Higurashi also helped Orochi was loyal to her clan – Kurozumi, it would be her that suggested Kaido to team up with Orochi. All in order to get revenge on the Kozuki family and get back in power.

    Is Orochi finally dead?

    In One Piece chapter 1049, We also got to see multiple characters dealing with the overflowing water in Onigashima. During that, we say Orochi’s severed and burned head lying on the floor. The question is, is Orochi finally dead?

    Well, his head was cut off previously too by Kaido but he survived. So, we can’t be sure if he is fully dead. Oda hasn’t declared him dead yet as well. However, Orochi’s role doesn’t seem to have any more significance now. Plus, there was a whole build-up before this act. So, my two cents would be that this time Orochi is gone for good, hopefully.

    CP0 Escapes

    During the same above scene, we saw the last surviving member of CP0 making an escape from Wano. This is important to discuss because this character can play a major role in later events.

    First off, Wano is closed and no one knows what’s happening there except for a part of the Navy due to the courtesy of Drake. However, since he doesn’t the full story given he is unconscious. So, my theory is that it would be the CP0 guy who would inform the Government about the events of Wano. That would play a role in the bounties update for the Strawhats.

    Secondly, after him informing the Government, they might also play a role in Wano along the Marines in order to catch Luffy due to his legendary devil fruit.

    Luffy is Joy Boy

    The chapter 1049 confirms that Luffy is Joy Boy as Kaido stated that it will be the Joy Boy who will one day defeat him. Interesting thing is that there were theories that Kaido thought himself of Joy Boy since he mentioned to Luffy: “You weren’t Joy Boy either.” But now it is clear that he never thought of himself as the mysterious figure but was waiting for him.

    One comment on Reddit suggested that Kaido was trying to kill himself because he had realized that Joy Boy was never going to come and no one could give him the challenge or the defeat he wanted. So, if he could kill himself, that might have made him Joy Boy as per his own’s logic.

    Another important point is why was King waiting for Joy Boy. We don’t have the answer to this but since he is Lunarian and Joy Boy is Sun God, there might be some connection, perhaps?

    Is Kaido defeated?

    Another burning question is, is Kaido defeated? Some people are suggested that the King of Beasts hasn’t been defeated yet as it was not declared in the chapter, plus he has yet to show his awakening.

    As per me, Kaido pretty much looks defeated. We got the flashback. Kaido got buried in the ground. Onigashima has landed safely and Luffy has run out of all energy. All this sums up as Kaido is finally defeated.

    Regarding Kaido using his awakening, I think he and Big Mom had already their devil fruits awakened. As Luffy is able to pull up Gear 5 in his awakening, so maybe, Kaido’s dragon form is actually his awakening.

    Luffy also answered Kaido that he would want a world where friends can eat as much as they want. This is in response to the promise to Tama back in Chapter 918,“By the time we leave this country, it’ll be a place where you can eat as much as you want, every single day“.

    It would be unfair to end the Chapter 1049 discussion before stating the fact that it has been 10 years (May 28th, 2012) since Luffy and Law allied to take down Kaido and now it’s done!

    What’s next?

    So, what now? Will the Navy intervene or will Kaido get back up again? What would be the new bounties of the Straw Hat pirates? Is Wano arc over? There is too much to know. Guess, we would have to wait patiently for the next chapters. Meanwhile, let us know down in the comments what you think will happen next.

    That’s all related to the One Piece Chapter 1049 discussion and analysis. For more manga news and analysis, keep following Retrology. See you when the next chapter comes out.

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