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    One Piece Chapter 1036 Discussion and Analysis: Luffy vs. Kaido, King of Hell, and more

    Last time we discussed One Piece Chapter 1035 in which Zoro gave King the final blow, cutting his sword and a wing. In One Piece Chapter 1036, we get to see the aftermath of the battle along with a lot of scenes about what’s going around Onigashima. Needless to say, this article contains spoilers for the latest chapter. Since we have a lot to cover so let’s begin the One Piece Chapter 1036 discussion.

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    King is defeated

    It’s official. The right-hand man of Kaido, King has been defeated by no other than Zoro himself. To be honest, I had more expectations from both King and Queen. Given that Luffy spent a lot of time and effort to beat Katakuri – who is also the second strongest in Big Mom’s crew, I thought both the Calamities would give Sanji and Zoro a pretty tough time. Well, they kind of did but still, Sanji and Zoro beat them relatively quicker than I had expected.

    However, it was a good detail that both Zoro and King pledged to never be defeated until their captains, Luffy and Kaido respectively became the King of the Pirates. Apparently, King couldn’t keep that promise. But this makes me think that this might be the first-ever defeat of King after that flashback?

    Zoro, The King of Hell

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    As Zoro wins the battle, he states that “If this is what it takes, then I will become the King of Hell!”. Now, this is quite interesting. Since the beginning, Zoro has been titled “The Pirate Hunter”. This title was accurate before he became the pirate himself. However, from the day Luffy offered Zoro to be his crewmate and to this date, Zoro has never gotten any new title. “The King of Hell” would be a very fitting title for the vice-captain of Strawhats as Rayleigh, who was the vice-captain of Roger’s crew is also called Dark King.

    Usopp’s Speech

    Usopp or shall we say, “God” Usopp, or as the fandom suggests, Go D. Usopp had a moment to shine in this chapter. Upon seeing the samurai willing to give their lives, he emotionally lectures them about the value of life. While he is barely holding off the enemies and crying the hell out, he chants “You have to keep going”. This inspired the wounded samurai and makes Izo – who eventually comes to the rescue praise “God” Usopp.

    Speaking of Usopp’s heavenly title, it appears that his feat in Dressrosa was heard to far-off places. I am excited to see what next name would Usopp get. It was also interesting to see that Izo and Usopp met for the first time as at the time of the Marineford battle, only Luffy was present from the Straw hat crews.


    Wano’s Best Battle…

    In this One Piece Chapter 1036 discussion, we give the Wano’s best battle award to Raizo vs Fukurokuju! These guys are literally just standing still in the fire, waiting for others to unleash the paralysis of Jutsu while also trash-talking each other. Hilarious.

    Nonetheless, Raizo should be acknowledged as we can see fire already getting to his body while he stands determined.

    CP0 is no joke

    Seeing Drake defeated by CP0 and Apoo making a run, finally highlights the true potential of CP0. Not to mention, Drake and Apoo are from the worst generation and pretty capable but getting defeated by two mysterious CP0 members means that the secret intelligence force is not to be taken lightly.

    CP0 still seems obsessed with capturing Nico Robin due to her ability to read ancient languages. Robin has already seen a lot of tough times back in the arc of Rob Lucci – who is now also a member of CP0 along with Kaku, so we hope she doesn’t get captured in this arc (or later in the story).

    Luffy vs. Kaido

    While Kid and Law are trying their best to take down the fully unleashed Big Mom, Kaido and Luffy really seem to enjoy the battle. Kaido must have enjoyed his time after a long time as he has only been seen drunk and furious after the time skip. A theory suggests that Kaido used to think of himself as Joy Boy but when he realized that he wasn’t that legendary figure, he became depressed.

    We don’t know whether it’s accurate or note but what we do know is that the whole raid is coming close to an end. Almost all of the battles are wrapped up and in the chapter, it was mentioned that it won’t take more than a “few minutes” to decide the ultimate victor.

    Luffy seems to be getting the hang of Conqueror’s coating as he is now really damaging Kaido. I was surprised to realize that Kaido is in Hybrid form while Luffy is fighting in his base form! Meaning if we do Gear 4, Kaido wouldn’t stand a chance? But after reading some comments I have come to the conclusion that Conqueror Coated Luffy is stronger than Gear 4 Luffy. However, it would be epic to see Luffy doing Gear 4 while also being coated with Conqueror’s Haki – But I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon.

    That’s all regarding the One Piece Chapter 1036 discussion. For more reviews and discussion, keep following Retrology as we post weekly reviews.

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