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    One Piece Chapter 1035 Discussion and Analysis: King’s face revealed, Sanji wins the round

    One Piece Chapter 1035 starts with the cover image showing Germa’s escape from the whole cake island. The chapter is titled “Zoro vs. King” as it heavily focused on the duel between the two right-hand men of the potential Pirate Kings. For One Piece Chapter 1035 discussion and analysis, we have listed the following highlights and points to talk over. So, without further ado, let’s jump to the discussion.

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    Queen is defeated by Sanji

    It was long theorized that Sanji will battle Queen and Zoro will clash his blades with King’s as both pairs are the strongest members of their crew. After spanning a couple of chapters (but not much… more on this below), Sanji has finally defeated the crazy tech-savvy Calamity, Queen. We can see Queen going up in the air after being kicked by Sanji in the previous chapter.

    Speaking of Sanji, though he appeared enraged, it was good to see that he still had his good side intact as he helped the girl by protecting his cute little mouse (or rat).

    King’s face is revealed!

    At last, we get the see King’s actual face. As mentioned, the right-hand man of Kaido features long white hair – some of it braided and tied while some of it is shaved from the side, dark brown skin, and a tattoo on the face. Thankfully, the design is a good-looking human resembling character otherwise we know how the fandom was disappointed after seeing Orochi’s face for the first time. Not to mention, Oda also showed us King’s face in Zoan form.

    It appears that King doesn’t want his face to be seen perhaps due to the bounty World Government has put on him as he abruptly burns his allies after they witness his face. Just a personal opinion of mine, but King kind of looks less intimidating without his mask. I think the reason might be that now we get to see his emotions and facial expressions.

    The Flashback

    One Piece Chapter 1035 featured a flashback in which it was shown that both Kaido and King – whose actual name is Arber, were captured by the Navy and were being experimented on what is assumed confirmed to be Punk Hazard (Update: The PH-008 in the background is the sab label that appeared on Punk Hazar arc. Also PH = Punk Hazard). It was interesting to see that it was Kaido who gave the Lunarian the name “King” while offering to him to join his yet-to-be-made pirate crew.

    On a side note, Kaido looked cool in that pants and jacket outfit. Speaking of Kaido, he seemed pretty lively back in the days which is pretty opposite to the depressed and drunken personality that he has now. As of yet, we don’t know what caused this shift in personality but some suggest that perhaps he thought himself of the Joy Boy as he says with sheer confidence in the flashback that he is the “only one who can” change the world. But after finding out he wasn’t Joy Boy, he started drinking and got depressed. We also see in a couple of chapters back when Kaido speculates Luffy wasn’t Joy Boy either. Maybe, he used the word “either”, as he too wasn’t the mysterious figure he thought he was.

    Calamities defeated… ?

    On the last page, we get to see Zoro slashing King with his new move, “Underworld King’s Three Bladed Dragons 103 Emotions Flying Dragon Hell Blaze” (The translation may vary) which is a pretty long name for literally anything. King can be shown getting a major hit as both his sword and a wing are cut into two pieces. The question that arises is that, is King really defeated? Based on the damage he has received and the way Oda is setting up the chapters (one chapter for Sanji’s fight and the next for Zoro’s), it can be assumed that the fight is over as just in the previous chapter we get to see the same pattern with Queen.

    If that’s the case, then it is a bit of a letdown as we expected more from the Calamities (King and Queen) both being the No. 1 and No. 2 of a Yonko. Moreover, it should be noted that it took fairly long for Luffy to beat Katakuri, who is also a No. 1 of another Yonko but here, Sanji and Zoro summed up their battles relatively quickly (and perhaps, easily too). Well, it is understandable that Luffy is the protagonist, and his fights are meant to be long and detailed but still, it would have been good if King and Queen had shown more resistance to the Straw Hat pirates.

    Lastly, it should be also discussed that Zoro actually cut a fire (King’s flaming dragon move). It was too theorized before that Zoro will eventually learn Kin’emon‘s fire-cutting technique that was shown back in the Punk Hazard arc. At that point, the technique even amazed Zoro himself who ironically now seems to be using the same move to defeat Kaido’s commander. We don’t know if Oda actually intended the fire-cutting move in this chapter. Let’s see in the next chapter.

    That was all regarding the One Piece Chapter 1035 discussion. For more such content, keep following Retrology. Also, don’t forget to let us know your thoughts on Chapter 1035 down in the comments.

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