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    My Hero Academia Chapter 339 Discussion and Analysis: Nejire’s new look, Support Heroes, and more

    A few weeks back, we reviewed My Hero Academia Chapter 337 in which Aoyama was revealed to be a traitor. Now, it is time to analyze the latest chapter “The Story of How We All Became Heroes Part 2”. Before we start the My Hero Academia Chapter 339 discussion, it should be noted that this post contains spoilers of course. With that said, let’s jump right to the key points of the latest chapter.

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    The Support Heroes

    The main highlight of the chapter was the support class students, particularly the cover girl, Hatsume. Even though first declining Midoriya and Ida‘s request to repair their costumes due to sheer workload and responsibility to save more people, she still helps them. Hatsume literally made a new gauntlet on the spot and that too by only using her left hand! In our opinion, this sounds unrealistic but we would let it slip as this is just to show how amazing the tech-savvy support hero is in her line of work. Midoriya has been given a new gauntlet and Ida a new armor. Even though it has been claimed that the new gadgets are not like the previous ones, but we are sure that these new “babies” of Hatsume would really shine in the final battle.

    The most interesting part was when Hatsume expressed her and her whole division’s determination to be on the same level as the other heroes. She acknowledged that the support division can’t fight in a battle but that doesn’t mean they are any less. Through their inventions, they are taking part in protecting society. As in her own words, “Inventions are support classes’ way of becoming heroes”.


    Not to mention, Hatsume’s current project seems to be the Evacuation Blocks that were hinted at some chapters before as well, if I am right. Judging from the previous battles with Shigaraki, my guess is that these blocks would likely be needed in the last duel.

    Aoyama’s Fate

    Aoyama was discussed in My Hero Academia Chapter 339. It seems that Midoriya and Todoroki have good hopes for their classmate as they believe he will eventually take the side of the heroes. We too think that Aoyama will return as a hero and will betray All For One, although we can say that what will be his fate at the end of the story. Will he get redemption? Would he actually help the heroes? or Would he even stay alive given that he might turn against the evilest villain – All For One?

    Nejire’s New Look

    We got to look at Nejire’s new short hairstyle – that actually really suits her. It is surprising that even after getting burned by Dabi‘s flames, she didn’t get a single burn on her face or the rest of her body. Apparently, whatever damage she took from Dabi, she is completely healed from it leaving not a scar. Although, her hair did get burned and that is most likely why she cut them down.

    Along with Nejire, we got to see Fat Gum, Ryuko, and our shy hero Tamaki. Thankfully, all seem in good shape. Mirio was missing from the scene but he will surely return with a bang.

    The Endgame

    My Hero Academia is reported to end in a year which means the upcoming war will be the very last one. The heroes are currently training and planning but in the next few chapters, it is possible that the endgame finally begins. All Might and Hawks have seemingly wrapped up the backup plan’s arrangement which is probably the one Aizawa mentioned, so now, we just have to wait for the next chapters to see how things will unfold.

    That’s all regarding the My Hero Academia Chapter 339 discussion. We cover manga and anime reviews on weekly basis, so keep on following Retrology for more such content.

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