GamingRole-PlayingDisney Dreamlight Valley: Cooking Veggie Pasta

    Disney Dreamlight Valley: Cooking Veggie Pasta

    After successfully unlocking Slush Ice, one item you might come across when serving guests at Remy’s realm in Disney Dreamlight Valley is the 3-Star Veggie Pasta Recipe. This dish takes the traditional Pasta supper and adds a veggie element for added flavor. Fortunately, all of the elements are easily obtained inside the game’s first starting biomes. Furthermore, Veggie Pasta is a food that players will prepare throughout the Main Quest “With Great Power.” Let’s get onto making Veggie Pasta in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

    Where to Get the Ingredients

    Tomato seeds can be purchased by visiting Goofy’s Stall on Dazzle Beach. You can buy its seeds from a Goofy Stall in Peaceful Meadow too and grow it on your own. It takes 22 minutes and will give you three tomatoes once harvested. Tomato seeds cost 8 coins if bought.

    Wheat is one of the first crops that players can get and develop. This means you won’t have to look for it particularly to use in this recipe. Wheat Seeds can be found in the Peaceful Meadow. When players unlock this region, they will discover a run-down market stand. When it is repaired, it will transform into a Goofy Stall a shop where players can purchase and sell various crops and food.

    For the third item, a vegetable, you can get any vegetable you want from the stalls and grow it on your own.

    If players have already accessed Wall-E’s garden they can cook this dinner without having to unlock Dazzle Beach. Once the abandoned garden has been rebuilt, Wall-E will plant seeds at random, which the player will be able to harvest once they have grown.

    Cooking Veggie Pasta

    Cooking Veggie Pasta

    You’ll need three ingredients for Veggie Pasta.

    • Tomato x 1
    • Wheat x 1
    • Any Vegetable x 1

    Two of these are Fixed of Mandatory ingredients. You have to us these ingredients for sure as the dish wouldn’t cook without these. One of these three is a flexible ingredient. You can use any ingredient of the same category to make this recipe. For example here with any vegetable, you can use any one you have ranging from peas, lettuce to carrots.

    With all those ingredients, you can now use them to make the Veggie Pasta in Disney Dreamlight Valley easily. Just go to any kitchen near you, plop those ingredients in and make the dish.

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