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    Bear and Breakfast Iron Nails Guide

    Bear and Breakfast is an adorable newly released management sim developed by Gummy Cat and published by Armor Games Studios. The game came out on the 28th of July, 2022 for Windows and is set to come a little later to Switch. In this guide, we will help you understand Bear and Breakfast Iron Nails, including its uses and locations.

    The game was received with positive reviews and its striking resemblance to Stardew Valley is appreciated by players. Contrary to how cute the graphics are, the game isn’t as easy to play as it seems. With resources being rather scarce and building hotels getting progressively difficult, it’s a game people of all ages will enjoy.

    Iron Nails are a type of Metal players can obtain and use in building different things. Metals are mostly found inside A24 City and rarely in other cities. However, once players unlock The Dump, they can access metals that respawn daily.

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    Iron Nails Locations

    If you’ve been playing this game for a while, you’re probably aware of how hard finding some materials can be. Well, Iron Nails is one of these materials, not only is it hard to come by, it doesn’t respawn every day like other materials like rubber and steel screws. However, it does spawn in all new locations across the map.

    Iron Nails are only found in the furniture inside old abandoned buildings. It’s recommended to pick them up whenever you come across them, though it still may not be enough. You should also keep an eye on the amount you have and not use them all up cause it can be troublesome if you run out of them while building something.

    Iron Nails Uses

    This rare material has quite a few uses. They are required to build beds and memorials and are also needed to repair things. Additionally, it’s also needed in the following A24 quests:

    • In the quest “Rat Pack” you’ll need 2 iron nails to restore the Swamp Bridge to reach Charlotte the Witch.
    • For “Extra Mo’terials” to completely rebuild the motel, you will be required to find 5 iron nails.

    Bear and Breakfast Patch fix

    Do you still think it’s unfair how hard it is to obtain these Iron Nails which Hank needs to put in use for so many different things? Well, rest assured, the Bear and Breakfast development team has heard the cries.

    In a recent tweet from the official Bear and Breakfast Twitter account, they announced that they will be doing something about the Iron Nails shortage.

    In the comments to a post on the known issues in the game yet, they posted: “P.S. we know about the Iron Nails shortage. Inflation truly spares no one (we’re fixing it!) 💅”.

    That’s all for this Bear and Breakfast Iron Nails guide. We’ve also got you covered if you struggle to find the collectibles or aren’t sure how resorts work in Bear and Breakfast.

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