Bear and Breakfast all Materials locations guide (Wood, Metal, etc)

    Developed by Gummy Cat, Bear and Breakfast has just been released on the 28th of July 2022 and is available on Steam for you to purchase. This management and adventure game has a whole plot of its own to follow, moreover, the game is loaded with numerous collectibles and materials to find and this guide is all about Bear and Breakfast Materials locations

    As you progress through the game, crafting new stuff like beds, furniture, stoves, etc is where having sufficient materials like wood, metal, fabric, etc is necessary. Struggling to find these materials? worry no more because we got you covered. In this guide, we will help you with all of the Bear and Breakfast Materials locations.

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    That said, now without any further ado, let’s jump right into it.

    Bear and Breakfast Materials locations

    Bear and Breakfast materials locations

    After you have made enough hotels in the game making more of them will keep on getting tougher and tougher. One of the hurdles you might face is the scarcity of materials like metals and wood etc which are necessary to craft new items for your hotels. That is where this guide comes in, keep on reading to know about the material locations.


    You will find metal mostly in the A24 city, you might also want to explore some abandoned buildings where you will find metal in the remains of furniture. Metal pieces that respawn every day are available to players who were able to open The Dump at the start.

    This sparse material can be found in the form of Iron Nails, Steel Plates, Iron Plates, Copper Plates, and Steel Screws which can be further used to craft different items like stoves, refrigerators, fireplaces, etc.


    Wood is much easier to find as compared to metal and definitely more used than metal as well. Locating this material won’t be a hard task as there are several small piles of wood scattered around the areas like Timber Crossing, Sawdust, and Blackmoss.

    This material can be found in the form of Plywood Planks, Pinewood Planks, and Mahogany Planks which can further be used to craft different furniture items.

    Cloth, Rubber, Bricks, Stones, Glass, and Electronics

    Here are some of the locations where you can find Cloth, Rubber, Bricks, Stones, Glass, and Electronics:

    • A24
    • Highlake
    • Whitestone Bay
    • Winterberry

    You will find these materials in the form of Synthetic Sheets, Rubber Slabs, Porcelain Chunks, Electronics, Plastic Boards, Cotton Sheets, and Stone Bricks which can further be used to craft items like sofas, armchairs, beds, footrests, mirrors, and vanities, etc.

    That is all on Bear and Breakfast all Materials locations guide. For more gaming guides like these, be sure to keep following Retrology.

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