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    Bear and Breakfast all Collectibles Locations Guide

    Bear and Breakfast is like a new game that is best described as a conform game with the feeling of animal crossing mixed with extreme cottage-core aesthetics. Apart from the story, its collectibles are also easy to get, without breaking you out of the comfortable trance. If, for some reason, you cannot find some collectibles, this guide will help you by directing you to the Bear and Breakfast all Collectibles locations.

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    The Notebook

    Collectable: Notebook
    Collectible: Notebook

    After speaking with his friends, continue south until you reach Margaret, Hank’s mother, who is standing in front of a big deer monument. When you interact with her, she will instruct you to travel to Blackmoss and obtain a bundle of Alligator Weed. You will also receive your first Collectible, the Notebook.

    The Compass

    Collectable: compass
    Collectible: compass

    This is obtained by completing tasks for Oliver and Sabine who is also known as Beanie. When you get to Timber Crossing and finish building your B&B, the bus driver Oliver will ask you to provide Beanie pieces of an atlas they’ve been putting together. Give her the envelope and you will get the Compass. The compass lets you see the map around the town.

    The Atlas

    Collectable: Atlas
    Collectible: Atlas

    The Atlas would also be in your possession by the end of the above-mentioned questline which is like the prize at the end of the chapter. The atlas, unlike the compass, displays a world map rather than simply the city you are presently in.

    Recipes Box

    Another collectible which can be found in the resort; Highlake Resort this time. You’ll get a task about two missions in that requests for a level two kitchen in your Highlake resort. As a reward for completing that quest, you will receive the recipe box. This collection instantly fills up itself with recipes so its faster to cook.

    Trail Mix

    Bear and Breakfast Collectibles locations
    Collectible: Trail Mix

    Next collectable is Trail mix, which you can get by completing management objectives in Timber Crossing. There will be a quest requesting three or more five-star ratings at your Timber Crossing resort. When you are done with the task, your prize is the trail mix. Trail Mix boosts your total speed by 50%, making you a faster bear than normal.

    Tape Measure

    This collectible is also available after similar management quests as done before for resorts. The tape measure enables players to construct from anywhere other than the crafting table. The only condition is that there must be a nearby structure with buildable features, such as a cottage or camping. This is really useful when you only need to transfer an item or make something quickly.

    The Day-Night Watch

    Bear and Breakfast Collectibles locations
    Collectable: Watch

    Looks like you need to do more management tasks for this item too. Kinda repetitive but its worth it for this item. The watch is exactly what you think it is; it allows you to tell time instead of relying on the day and night cycle. Yes, there is a moon in the middle of the mini-map that indicates when it is midnight, but the watch allows you to track time throughout the day to know when you could lose daylight or when your things will respawn at the dump. The best and most useful so far.


    Bear and Breakfast Collectibles locations
    Collectable: Thermostat

    Thermostat can be obtained by doing management quests in Winterberry Resort. The thermostat, as it does in reality, checks the temperature which keeps you in tune with how much higher or lower the outside temperature is. This helps you keep the inside of this icy area’s resort warm.


    What is more easier than having everything about the different resorts in your hand that to travel to each one and check for problems or tasks? Nothing. How to do that? Get the Pager. This item is very useful no matter how you look at it. Pager can be found on the front desk and can be unlocked by completing a few quests in the selected resort.

    Fanny Pack

    Bear and Breakfast Collectibles locations
    Collectible: Fanny Pack

    This collectible may be obtained by completing management missions in Timber Crossing, and it instantly doubles your inventory capacity once completed. Its function is one of the best as you no longer have to decide what to retain and what to discard. Its capacity is amazing and lets you carry and collect a lot of stuff at a time.

    That is all on Bear and Breakfast Collectibles locations. To know everything about the resorts in this game, here is the detailed guide for Bear and Breakfast Resorts Guide: and How do they Work? so go check it out if you want to.

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