GamingFirst-Person ShooterArcadegeddon Plugins Guide (Best Perks/Plugins)

    Arcadegeddon Plugins Guide (Best Perks/Plugins)

    Developed and published by IllFonic, Arcadegeddon is a multiplayer co-op shooter game that is available on Epic Games for you to purchase. The game allows you to explore multiple biomes and is totally packed with numerous bosses and enemies. Other than that the game also has a variety of minigames, Arcadegeddon gangs, and plugins

    Talking about gangs we have already covered an Arcadegeddon Classes/Gangs guide, so today we will be focusing on just the plugins. So without wasting any time, let’s begin with Arcadegeddon Plugins Guide.

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    You might already have unlocked or perhaps even upgraded a few plugins. However, we understand that it really is a dilemma when it comes to setting a finger on any one of them while making a slot of 3.

    While some plugins might be better than the other ones, honestly, it all depends from player to player. Some players that like aggressive and attacking gameplay will opt for a different plugin while players who are more defense-oriented will opt for another. Nevertheless, here are some of the best plugins overall in our opinion that you really should try.

    Dare Devil

    Arcadegeddon Best Plugins

    Being someone who actually prefers aggression-style gameplay over everything else, Dare Devil is on our top list. This plugin allows you to deliver 3x more damage while also receiving 2x more damage, making a perfect for those who are willing to sacrifice the survivability over 3x the damage that can be delivered.

    The best shot for you is to use a health plugin in another slot with this one to increase your health and hence your survivability too, making it a perfect combo.


    Arcadegeddon Plugins Guide
    Arcadegeddon Best Plugins

    For players who like to slide around a lot should undeniably go for this one. As the Skater plugin allows you to deliver 3x more damage to slide damage and since there is no increase in the damage received when using the Skater plugin, you also won’t have to sacrifice any of your health or your survivability.

    Your best shot here will be to use both the Skater and DareDevil with any of the health plugins or you can also just use the skater and two health plugins if you just want to be more careful and not receive 2x damage if using Dare Devil.


    Arcadegeddon Best Plugins

    When it comes to health and survivability, the Spongy plugin is definitely the best among all the plugins. It allows you to increase your health by 50% giving you a higher survival rate. This plugin is a choice for all the players regardless of whether you’re attacking or defensive, having these in one of your slots is always recommended.


    Arcadegeddon Plugins Guide
    Arcadegeddon Best Plugins

    Another health plugin is Blessed which increases any healing performed by the player by 2.5x. It can almost always change the whole side of the battle and perhaps can make you win a losing one. The best shot for someone who prefers survivability will be to have Spongy and Blessed in two slots while any attacking plugin in the third.

    For more of a swift/speedy and fun gameplay, you can always count on plugins like Surge Charge which allows you to gain 3 units of surge energy every time you take damage and the Flee plugin that increases speed by 50% for 5 sec when your shield breaks.

    That is all on Arcadegeddon Plugins Guide. Let us know in the comment section below which ones are your favorite to use in each of the slots. To know about Arcadegeddon Beginner Guide (Tips & Tricks) or for more guides, keep following Retrology.

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