GamingFirst-Person ShooterAracdegeddon Biomes Guide (All arenas explained)

    Aracdegeddon Biomes Guide (All arenas explained)

    Released on 8th July 2022, Arcadegeddon is a multiplayer co-op shooter game that is out on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC and is also available on Epic Games for you to purchase. Developed by  Illfonic, Arcadegeddon has 10 gangs in the game for you to choose from, and 1 more is expected to be out soon.

    Other than that the game also has a variety of minigames, gangs, and plugins, and allows you to explore multiple biomes to make this game even more exciting. Talking about biomes there are a total of 6 biomes in the game and in this Aracdegeddon biomes guide, we will be discussing all six of them.


    Aracdegeddon Biomes Guide
    arcadegeddon aftermath biome

    This battleground can be described as a post-future because this arena was once a hub of sci-fi and advanced technology but after the war broke down the whole arena was completely destroyed. However, Aftermath is now once again experiencing signs of life as nature takes over the ruins. One might also consider Aftermath as a museum that has all the knowledge about the war inside of it, from old vehicles to dashed dreams you will experience everything in this Sci-Fi ruin.

    Mystic Isles

    Aracdegeddon Biomes Guide
    arcadegeddon Mystic Isle biome

    Mystic Isles has a whole mystery in itself, in this tropical gateway island you will find old structures of temples that nobody knows where did they come from and who created them, and also an ancient magical presence. However, seems like people actually love the idea of being here, you will find people enjoying the sandy beaches and waterfalls of Mystic Isles and also discovering the hills of this unknown island in search of magical artifacts.

    Nerve Center

    Aracdegeddon Biomes Guide
    arcadegeddon Nerve Center biome

    As the name describes the Nerve Center is actually the center from where it all began, a nerve of the foundation of Gilly’s super game. The Fun Fun Co. has kept the biomes as the main focus and this biome totally describes it quite well. Nerve Center is an arena where you can feel the nerve and the pulsating of the heart of the game.

    Spark City

    arcadegeddon Spark City biome

    Far away from the population, this arena is in the heart of a desert and before the FFC changed everything, this high-tech oasis was supposed to produce enough energy that it could support the entire planet.


    A diverse arena that has become a home to almost everyone from the elites to the downtrodden. This also makes Downtown the most populated and largest center of the digital world as a bustling hub for all cultures.


    Arcadegeddon Hellscape Biome

    Hellscape is undeniably the most unique arena of the Arcadegeddon. This neverending arena is making its way to every corner of the source little by little and is equipped with gothic structures and data demons. The only arena that is the most infecting to Arcadegeddon is Hellscape and what’s more interesting is that the origin of this biome is still unknown.

    That is all on Aracdegeddon Biomes Guide. Let us know in the comment section below which biome is your favorite and why. To know about Arcadegeddon Plugins Guide (Best Perks/Plugins) or for more guides, keep following Retrology.

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