Arcadegeddon Beginner Guide (Tips & Tricks)

    Developed and published by IllFonic, Arcadegeddon is a multiplayer co-op shooter game that provides a mix of PVE and PVP experiences for you to explore your way through multiple biomes, mini games, find hidden chests, and defeat numerous enemies and bosses.

    The game may seem like a mellow play for you and your friends to sink your afternoons into but it can be fairly challenging for beginners. 

    No worries because we have an Arcadegeddon beginner guide with some tips and tricks here and there to help you make your gaming experience even more exhilarating!


    For PS4 and PS5, you need to familiarise yourself with the following controls before you actually play the game:

    Arcadegeddon Beginner Guide
    • Move: L
    • Camera: R
    • Sprint: L3
    • Dodge or Slide: R3
    • Jump 
    • Double Jump: X and X + X
    • Melee: Circle
    • Reload and Interact: Square
    • Change Weapon: Triangle
    • Aim: L2
    • Fire: R2
    • Surge Ability 1: L1
    • Surge Ability 2: L2
    • Run Info: Touchpad (hold)
    • Ping: D-Pad Up
    • Emotes: D-Pad Left and D-Pad Right
    • Drop Weapon: D-Pad Down

    Tips and Tricks


    Before a run always check if there is a quest available. Take it. NPC’s in the lobby will provide you with the quest. Complete the quest you have selected in a single run.


    Arcadegeddon Beginner Guide

    Arcadegeddon has a wide variety of weapons to equip. These range from assault rifles to SMGs to snipers and more, including elemental-based guns.

    You will have two gun slots initially and the third slot will be activated later on.

    An incinerator gun is good for close range and a flame thrower provides you with insane damage.

    Guns that have ammo as ammo/-ve means you will not get more ammo of that gun in the run. Colored chests contain many useful items, including weapons! Learn more about weapons in the game here.


    The chests will also provide you with hacks, each granting you with something you can use in the game to your benefit. These can include more ammo capacity, faster movement speed, higher damage with SMGs, and more. Make sure you keep an eye out for these!


    Arcadegeddon Beginner Guide

    Fall damage is there for some jumps. Your shield might regenerate but your health does not so if your shield runs out, try to get out of the encounter. You can also pay to heal yourself at the stations in the game. 

    Remember to always enter a fight with complete health and shield as much ammo as you can!

    Your boss meter fills up when you kill an enemy and a pop up appears when your meter is filled to fight the boss. 

    Gain Credits

    During your runs, destroy every breakable object in your sight like crates and sacs. This will help you gain credits and also unlock other in-game items you might need further in the game. 

    This was all for the Arcadegeddon beginner guide. We have a detailed post for Classes in Arcadegeddon, so do check out that as well. For more beginner friendly gaming guides, stay tuned with Retrology. 

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