GamingArcadegeddon Classes Guide (Easy to Hard)

    Arcadegeddon Classes Guide (Easy to Hard)

    Developed by Illfonic, Arcadegeddon is an early-access game that is already available for you to purchase on Epic Games. While we wait for the entire game to release, which is expected to be released on the 8th of July, we can still experience the new gameplay.

    Arcadegeddon is a multiplayer shooter that allows you to play with up to three friends. The game allows you to explore multiple biomes and is totally packed with numerous bosses and enemies. Other than that the game also has a variety of minigames and gangs. Talking about gangs, there are 10 gangs in the game for you to choose from, and 1 more is expected to be out soon.

    In this Arcadegeddon classes guide, we will be discussing each and every gang, and since every gang has its own perks so we will try out best to get you out of the dilemma about which gang/class should you choose. So without any further ado, let’s jump right into Arcadegeddon Classes Guide.

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    Ninety-Eight Street (NT8)

    Gang Leader: Label
    Surge Gauntlet ability unlocked: Fireball/10,000XP
    Difficulty: Easy

    NT8 is definitely a brand and trend-enthusiastic gang that relies heavily on logos and branding. Be it Nike, Gucci, or Stuss NT8 is always seen covered in those. The gang leader Label itself is enough to give you an idea of how flashy the whole gang actually is and that they would literally do anything that looks cool.

    Main – Get in the game: Play a round of Arcadegeddon
    Main – Power to the players: Use your Surge Gauntlet 10 times
    Optional 1 – So extra: Open 3 chests
    Optional 2 – Genie in a cartridge: Collect 5 hacks
    Optional 3 – Baby’s first boss fight: Defeat a boss

    Punks (PNX)

    Gang Leader: Sk’daddle
    Surge Gauntlet ability unlocked: Medic drone
    Difficulty: Easy

    A gang that is fond of staying underground in the tunnels of Megacity. Regardless of some inside politics and different views, the gang has still managed to develop quite a controlled anarchy. The leader of the gang Sk’daddle seems calm by the way she speaks, however, dare to cross her and she’ll make you face consequences.

    Main – Major Threat: Reach difficulty 8 in 45 minutes
    Optional 1 – Dumpster Driving: Destroy 75 crates
    Optional 2 – Hack the Planet: Collect 15 hacks
    Optional 3 – Sure you can: Get 25 kills with the fireball gauntlet ability

    Dark (DRK)

    Gang Leader: Enyan
    Surge Gauntlet ability unlocked: Freeze blast
    Difficulty: Medium

    Dark is definitely the most futuristic gang out there whose lives always revolve around the digital world. Be it technology, the future, neural implant, arcade games, or a one-to-one connection with mind and joystick, everything related to technology is their whole world. Their leader Eyan itself is obsessed with arcade games and culture.

    Main – Experience is the Best Teacher: Clear 3 stages
    Optional 1 – Dark Slide: Get 20 kills with weapons while sliding
    Optional 2 – All that glitters is gold: Open 5 pink chests
    Optional 3 – World Apart: Kill 50 enemies at > 12 meters

    Reapers (GRM)

    Gang Leader: Draven
    Surge Gauntlet ability unlocked: Orbital Strike
    Difficulty: Medium

    Reapers are nothing but teenagers unable to age and totally obsessed with the dark, they always want things to get dark be it clothes, themes, or nights that are already dark enough. Their leader is Draven, thin and tall, always giving away grim characteristics and a whole vibe of “Orin” of Park & Recreation

    Main – Angel of Death: Defeat 3 bosses
    Optional 1 – Fear the Reapers: Kill 100 enemies in 10 minutes
    Optional 2 – Love is not enough: Win 3 PVP battle modes
    Optional 3 – Doom Slayer: Get 15- kills with Shotguns

    Robots (001)

    Gang Leader: Gig & Tera
    Surge Gauntlet ability unlocked: Shield Drone
    Difficulty: Medium

    Also referred to as Circuit Breakers, the 001 gang is highly intelligent and has always emphasized on building a peace-loving society, however, sometimes this characteristic is overpowered by their past combat instinct. Their leaders are Gig & Terra, siblings like none other and it almost seems like they have the same hard drive. They are always completing each other unfinished sentences.

    Main – Goto Gauntlet: Get 30 Surge Ability Kills
    Optional 1 – Repairs and Maintenance: Head allies for 500 HP
    Optional 2 – Breakpoint: Use Freeze ability to freeze 100 enemies
    Optional 3 – Big Boy Breaches: Close 15 Data Breaches

    For the win (4TW)

    Gang Leader: Royale
    Surge Gauntlet ability unlocked: Doom Ball
    Difficulty: Medium

    The gang 4TW is up to becoming the epicenter for competitive gaming after Gilly’s has taken the position. Their leader is Royale and it is no surprise that she wears elite gamer gear after knowing the fact that she cares about nothing but being #1.

    Main – Complete a Battle Mode Run
    Optional 1 – Achieve a total battle mode score of 1000
    Optional 2 – Complete a battle mode run in 1st place
    Optional 3 – Get 30 kills in a battle mode run

    War Dawgz (WAR)

    Gang Leader: Ruck
    Surge Gauntlet ability unlocked: Elemental Tornado
    Difficulty: Hard

    The leader Ruck is nothing less than a drill sergeant that is always there to make the life of members miserable. Ruck always has the highest expectations from its members and wants them to give their ultimate best. However, the other side of Ruck also comes out occasionally whenever she interacts with a butterfly or a flower bed.

    Main – Light em Up: Kill 50 enemies with fire and electricity
    Optional 1 – Thinning the Ranks: Kill 300 enemies
    Optional 2 – All Out Attack: Clear stage 15 in 45 minutes
    Optional 3 – Hit em where it hurts: Land 500 critical hits

    Suits (MOD)

    Gang Leader: The corporate shills
    Surge Gauntlet ability unlocked: Freeze Blast
    Difficulty: Hard

    Every member of this gang is almost identical to the others, a gang that is always looking forward to monitoring and overpowering other gangs with the goal to grow in Arcadegeddon. Their gang leaders The corporate shills will do anything to get ahead of others. They are always up to confusing, manipulating, and belittling their opponents.

    Main – Director of Acquisitions: Defeat 2 bosses in 45 minutes
    Optional 1 – Angel investor: Collect 15000 coins
    Optional 2 – Hostile takeover: Get 300 kills with ASRs
    Optional 3 – Deal with the Devil: Manually increase the difficulty 5 times

    Children of Mithron (666)

    Gang Leader: Ziff
    Surge Gauntlet ability unlocked: Black Hole
    Difficulty: Hard

    The ultimate rebels, the children of Mithron have made their way to the digital realm with their rebellious nature. They are ready to make the lives of others nothing less than hell just for fun. Their leader Ziff has never stopped living a rockstar life, despite his age.

    Main – Hellfire and Brimstone: Kill 150 enemies with Infernal weapons
    Optional 1 Death from Above: Kill 20 enemies with Orbital Strike
    Optional 2 – Hazardous Materials: Kill 30 enemies with explosive barrels
    Optional 3 – Speed Demon: Reach difficulty 15 in 30 minutes

    Callisto Beat Collective (CBC)

    Gang Leader: Kistro
    Surge Gauntlet ability unlocked: 10,000 XP
    Difficulty: Hard

    The leader Kistro definitely represents the whole aura of the gang which is “Dancing” There is nothing much known about Kistro other than dancing as she is one of the mysterious characters. It is known to her that she was seen playing the game only once and never stopped moving to the beat.

    Main – Free Them: Destroy 100 Data Demons
    Optional 1 – Bug Smasher: Destroy 30 Glitches
    Optional 2 – Most Valuable Plug: Get Stage MVP 5 Times
    Optional 3 – Slice and Dice: Get 50 kills with the Nano Shotgun

    That is all on the Arcadegeddon classes guide (Easy to Hard). We really hope that the guide was helpful enough to get you out of the dilemma, let us know in the comment section which one is your favorite gang. To know about Arcadegeddon Weapons Guide (Good to Best) or for more guides, keep following Retrology.

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