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    All Monocross Part Locations Tower of Fantasy

    Tower of Fantasy has many vehicles but not all are everyone’s favorite. This might be for you if you wish to have a cyborg-like animal. Monocross is a unicorn that appears to be totally mechanical, therefore it requires parts to be built. To help you find all Monocross Part Locations Tower of Fantasy, this article will guide you on where to find them across the area.

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    To create this metallic unicorn, you’ll need four parts:

    • Unicorn Power Core
    • Unicorn Bionic Frame
    • Unicorn Cyberlimbs
    • Unicorn Head. 

    Monocross: Power Core

    Monocross: Power Core location # 1
    Monocross: Power Core location # 1
    • To begin, create a Fiddlehead Pie in any cooking pot. Two Fiddleheads and two Brown Rice are used in the dish.
    • Go to a location near the Miner’s Camp to locate a forcefield surrounded by crystals. You should acquire the Strange Residue item if you smash the crystals to the left of the forcefield.
    Strange residue
    • Proceed to Goldrush Mountain.
    Monocross: Power Core location # 2
    Monocross: Power Core location # 2
    • Here an NPC named Stoker awaits you at his home. Talk to him and he will give you an Ore Extract.
    Ore Extract # 1
    Ore Extract # 1
    • Check his journal while you’re there and make a note of the following numbers: 3, 1, 2.
    • Return to Goldrush Mountain and look for the three Energy Conversion Devices.
    • You must arrange them in the following order:
      • Device on the right: 3
      • Device in the middle: 1
      • Device on the left: 2
    • This will have an effect on the space behind you and a type of explosion or light will be emitted. This picture provides a better explanation.
    Ore Extract # 2 and core 
Monocross Part Locations Tower of Fantasy
    Ore Extract # 2 and core
    • You will receive another Ore Extract as a result of this. This will also include the core of unicorn.

    Monocross: Unicorn Cyberlimbs

    • Let’s get over with the easiest element now after the hectic one, the unicorn legs. The chest containing the unicorn legs may be found near Warren Snowfield.
    Monocross: Unicorn Cyberlimbs location
    Monocross: Unicorn Cyberlimbs location
    • From here, go towards the ice bridge. Climb up from there and you will see another level above there, so climb that too.
    • Next, go towards the tower you will see from there which would be on a slightly slanted surface.
    • When you reach those locations, there should be a tower there, with the chest containing the unicorn legs on top.
    • There would be a timer above it that would indicate when the Elites would spawn. When the countdown runs out, just descend from the tower and kill the three elites below.
    • After that, simply go up the tower to the chest and take the loot.
    Top of tower where the limbs are

    Monocross: Unicorn Head

    This will most likely be the most difficult object to find. The headpiece drops from just two mobs.

    The first involves Noah. Proceed to the miner’s camp warp gate and proceed to his spawn place, which can be located through the gate. Just keep straight and follow the route to an outpost where a robot will be standing just outside his cabin.

    Noah: Miner's Camp (Unicorn Head location # 1)
    Noah: Miner’s Camp (Unicorn Head location # 1)

    Heber is the next mob to drop the component. Teleport to the Crown Omnium Tower, then glide straight down until he spawns.

    Herber: Crown Omnium Tower (Unicorn Head location # 2)
    Herber: Crown Omnium Tower (Unicorn Head location # 2)

    Continue to go back and forth until you beat Noah in the mining camp and Heber in the tower, and hope that they drop the unicorn headgear. The drop rate is rather low, perhaps about 0.03%, so based on your luck, this might be a simple one for you but for most, it’s a difficult task.

    Monocross: Unicorn Bionic Frame/Body

    • Let’s go on to the bionic frame. Proceed to the southern Naa fjord teleport gate and then north.
    • When you exit the teleport gate, there should be a base in the ocean. Look towards the arrow and the base would be right in front of you.
    Monocross: Unicorn Bionic Frame/Body location
    Monocross: Unicorn Bionic Frame/Body location
    • That is where the following part would be, the head. We skip one step before arriving here, which is discovering the base’s password. For the sake of completing this task right now, the base’s password is 7092.
    • You’d have to sneak your way through the base to get to where the item is housed.
    • Avoid enemy guards in this area.
    • Hide or move around where they are facing to safely go to the desired space. The rough directions would be to go as the path takes you until you reach a large security room. Sneak past there and turn in the second closed space on your left.
    • Here you will see a large sphere-like others and collect the last part.
    The sphere containing the body.
    The sphere containing the body.

    Now that you have all the locations for Monocross Part Locations Tower of Fantasy, you can make this vehicle or pet, whatever you want to call it, by yourself. Hopefully, you are able to find all the items. We’ve also covered a detailed Tower of Fantasy Vehicles Guide along with a guide for Voyager and Omnium Beast, in case you want to go for these.

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