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    Guide to Judas Location in Tower of Fantasy

    Tower of Fantasy, an exhilarating open-world RPG, developed by Hotta Studio allows its players to embark on an impelling adventure across the lands of the Aida. However, your path might not be spared from deadly monsters and enemies hampering your heroic journey.

    The RPG currently consists of 83 monster-hunting missions to keep the players occupied when they are not doing any missions or following the story. These may not seem rewarding much but can amount to a huge number of dark crystals and bonus achievements!

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    That said, now without any further ado, let’s begin.

    To hunt these monsters down, you will have to locate them first which might prove to be the real work. We will be covering one of these horrifying creatures: Judas here. This is a simple easy-to-follow guide to Judas’ location in the Tower of Fantasy.

    Locate Loen Dock

    Click open your maps and spot Loen Dock. You will be able to locate this near the Banges area. Follow the shoreline on the map above and from there, head on inland to find his shack.

    Race towards Judas’ Sleeping Spot

    Now race towards Judas. You will be able to spot this giant humanoid from afar. As you get closer to the building, you will see his monstrous body lying on the ground just near the entrance. This is the mighty Judas. 

    Judas Tower of Fantasy

    Judas is known to change spots time and again so make sure you do not trip on him as you move through the wild-grown grass. However, it is unlikely as his snores are terrifyingly loud. 

    Judas Tower of Fantasy

    Fight Judas

    You can’t hang around for long before waking him up so land in a few good hits so he wakes up. He does not have a good amount of shield so make sure you shatter those first before you unload your DPS weapon on him. Find out more about the weapons, here

    Judas Location Tower of Fantasy

    Another thing you need to look out for is the Hyenas that can jump in and attack you while you fight Judas. However, it won’t be hard to take him down if you use good weaponry.


    After you’ve successfully managed to defeat him, you will be rewarded with the Judas achievement in the game and will be free to proceed with your other missions in the game. 

    Judas Tower of Fantasy

    This was all about finding Judas’ location in the Tower of Fantasy. For similar helpful guides related to Tower of Fantasy, stay tuned with Retrology. 

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