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    Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Nia Guide

    As you continue through Xenoblade Chronicles 3, you may add more players to your squad, increasing your power, effectiveness, and options for fighting heroes. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Nia is one of several playable characters. This article will assist you with knowing Nia, Queen of Agnus.

    Nia from Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is one such character. This isn’t her first appearance in Xenoblade, as she has been part f the Xenoblade Chronicles series. She has an important role in the storyline of the game, which is understandable given that she is the Queen of the Agnus.

    Nia’s locations and where she appears are multiple times so you can see her throughout the storyline.

    Unlock Nia in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

    To unlock Nia as a playable character, you must first finish the story and fight the game’s final boss. You won’t be able to unlock Nya until you finish the game, so this is an unfortunate situation if you wanted to add her to your party.

    You may continue to explore the realm of Aionios after defeating the last boss in the Main Storyline and seeing the finale sequences. There you would be able to find the place and complete the task. Here’s how you can unlock Nia in Xenoblade Chronicles 3:

    • First and foremost, you must return to Serene Hall.
    • This site has a quest with a golden question mark.
    • Accept and fulfill this task.
    • Now you can explore this world with Nia as a part of your party.


    Nia takes on the appearance of a young girl in her Driver form. In the first introduction, in the trailer of the game, we see her in a mask so her appearance is not revealed until we play the game. Her eyes are amber, she has three white stripe tattoos on her face, and she has extended canine teeth. She is dressed in a yellow one-piece jumpsuit with a feline hood and gold-trimmed white armor plates.

    Nia is a healer and uses her powers to heal and help others as much as possible. She can come off as snarky and critical, constantly having smart remarks about the flaws of other characters. She later builds affinity for them but she is not a goody two shoes. Her snarky attitude is different from what we see healers have in games; always happy and motherly.

    Nia’s Blade – Dromarch

    Nia's Blade - Dromarch
    Nia’s Blade – Dromarch

    Dromarch is a Special Legendary Blade. When attached to his Driver, Nia, he possesses the ability to heal teammates while striking. Dromarch is a Healer who employs the water element and wields Twin Rings. He assumes the form of a white tiger.

    Dromarch and Nia were both Blades of the prosperous lord of Echell in Gormott Province. After the death of the lord’s daughter, Nia is compelled to ingest her flesh and become a Flesh Eater for the girl’s spirit to live on in her. After the lord’s death, Nia discovers Dromarch’s Core Crystal and becomes his Driver.

    Nia – Capabilities

    Nia is a brilliant healer as well as the Queen of Agnus. She can easily maintain the health pools of your whole squad. She can resurrect any of her slain teammates. Nia may be an excellent addition to your squad during the second playthrough, when you may find most of the foes to be more difficult than the first. Nia has offensive skills as the Queen of Agnus and she can do full damage regardless of the enemy’s protection.

    The main disadvantage is that Nia has very little TP and can only utilize her Chain Attacks so many times. Similarly, while her Chain Attack ability allows her to resurrect the characters, it is rendered fairly ineffective if all of your characters are already up and fighting. Otherwise, she’s fantastic.


    Nia is a very fun player to play with. For healers, the party setup game sometimes becomes boring as their sole role is to heal others so they can use brute force and kill others. Her strength makes her heal and damage at the same time.

    It’s a good addition to the party if you want to play with tactics, not brute force or a complete supporting role. Even though her role is supporting, she can attack if given the opportunity.

    That’s it for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Nia. We hope to see her in more installments too. We have covered many more articles regarding Xenoblade Chronicles 3 characters and here’s the list:

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