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    Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Melia Guide

    When it comes to roleplaying games, you cannot ignore Monolift Soft’s Xenoblade Chronicles saga for its bonds, fantasy worlds, and mythical weapons. And the characters with defined personalities and powerful views. Here is the complete Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Melia guide for you to know more about the characters in depth.

    Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Guide: Melia

    Melia or Queen of Keves is one of the seven main protagonists of the Xenoblade Chronicles series. She is part of the High Entia race and is the daughter of High Entia Emporer Sorean Antiqua. She is much more than a cute girl with exceptional powers, and skills. Let’s get to know her better from a little closer.



    Melia is a beautiful young lady which attractive features and a pleasing look. She has a height of 5’1″ with a slim cute delicate physique. Her fair skin tone complements her teal eyes and silver hair. She had them braided at back and just two curls left loose above her shoulders. And she also has a pair of High Entia wings on her head which she uses to hide with a cap.

    Her default outfit is a blue sleeveless dress with white, pink, and purple details on it. She has other dresses of different colors and add-ons. Which includes a cap, crown, and gloves of black and white color. And white heels dress shoes and black stockings. She has other outfits in the extended series The Future Connected. But this pretty lady has the charm to mesmerize anyone.

    Melia’s Battle Skills

    Melia's Battle Skills
    Melia’s Battle Skills

    The powers Melia possesses are from Ether’s Arts. She may look like a delicate warrior but has destructive ether combat skills and protective defense. Her defense is very crucial in fights when it comes to heavy-duty attacks or high physical defense. Her main skills don’t affect the opponents directly but weaken them with her elemental summons and leave an aura that improves her team’s stats.

    She can attack her enemies with a summon first and then release an element to damage them. Moreover, after every summon her Talent Gauge is filled. And when she is powered at its peak, she enters the Element Burst to access more powerful skills and doubles the damage caused. Hence, our darling character has no competition with her battling skills.

    Special Arts

    Special Arts
    Special Arts

    She is part of Class Royal Summoner. And she has the role of Attacker. There are many arts she possesses and has mastered at them. Here is a short list of her arts.

    Elemental Boost

    She has the skill to dispatch this elemental boost on her enemies and brings their damage to 20%. And in case of maxed of her powers, she causes the damage to be 400%.

    Essense of Ether

    She has this art to increase the wounds of her enemies as she boosts their damage by 20% and reduces the block rate by 5%.

    Summon Flare

    This art gives her the ultimate power to wipe out all allies around her target to isolate them. And this strength her up.

    Summon Bolt

    This powerful bolt damages the foes with a thunderbolt and increases her Ether Up in return.

    Shadow Stitch

    This defense art is very useful if Melia is surrounded by rivals. She can use this art to bind her rivals in a circle that has enveloped her.

    Melia’s Skills

    Melia's Skills
    Melia’s Skills

    Here skills too have no match to any other protagonist in the series. With these skills, she is the attacker of the team. A short list of her skills is here.

    Amplified Healing

    This healing is amazingly beneficial for her and her team as it increases the HP by 15% after getting healed by healing arts. And it cost 700 SP.

    Serenity of Water

    This skill helps her increase her HP by 25% when she uses her water arts.

    Ultimate Ether

    This ultimate skill increases the Ether by 50% and costs 3500 SP.

    In the end, we have just provided a glimpse of Melia’s character and her fantastic powers. There is still a lot more we can tell about this amazing protagonist. The Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Melia guide ends here with her most important skills and arts. For more information on her, you can look into our guides page and know her better.

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