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    What makes Terrifier 2 so terrifying?

    From fainting because of the horror to vomiting because of some terrifying gore scenes, it seems like viewers underestimated this movie quite much. It’s really not that common to have a horror movie like this that hits fans differently. The sequel to Terrifier named “Terrifier 2” has just released on the 6th of October and this low-budget film has already crossed the $5 million mark at the box office, which is quite impressive.

    So what the hype is all about? Why is it that the producer has been issued warnings about the film’s gore scenes? why the theaters have decided to provide vomit bags to viewers prior to screening? To figure out all these questions, let’s jump right into some Teriffier 2 details and find out What makes Terrifier 2 so terrifying?

    Most Disturbing Scenes

    To give you an idea about why this movie stands out from all other horror films, here we will be walking through some of its scenes that are disturbing enough to make anyone regret watching it. Some of the scenes discussed below do contain Spoilers and keeping the terror of the movie in mind be sure to read at your own risk.

    Brooke’s Death

    Terrifier 2
    Terrifier 2 Brooke’s Death

    Starting off with Brooke’s death scene which is undeniably not for light-hearted people, we really see here why this movie has managed to make so many viewers pass out. The gore scenes appear to be so realistic/practical and fans have some mixed opinions on them.

    Art the clown who is the main protagonist manages to stab Jeff numerous times right in his crotch while he was peeing at the back of a car. Brooke who is seated inside the car tries to rush away after seeing Art stabbing Jeff, however, Art has some other plans for her. The clown breaks the window of the car and manages to get her out of it. Here Jeff kicks him in the face and runs away.

    Art slowly follows her while Brooke’s leg bleeds due to a deep cut and soon before falling and collapsing she finds herself in a dirty bathroom. Once again she will encounter Art here and begs him to stop, she suddenly grabs a piece of wood to defend herself while Art has another piece of wood with spikes on it. As Art threatens Brooke with his weapon, out of nowhere he surprised Brooke with an acid attack right on her face.

    Now, we see Art laughing while Brooke screams as her face boils bubbles due to the acid. Art thrashes his weapon on her until she falls to the floor and then attacks her right in the chest numerous times and Brooke’s chest bursts open as she falls dead. The brutal clown rips Brooke’s heart out of her chest and takes a bloody bite out of it.

    Bleach, Salt, and Open Wounds

    Terrifier 2
    Terrifier 2 Bleach, Salt, and Open Wounds

    This scene itself is not that realistic/practical and it seemed a bit too overly done at some points, however, the misery of Allie’s death combined with the torture is what made all of us feel terrified.

    Art has just attacked Allie with a knife and scissors, and in a blink of an eye, we see Art ripping the skin off her head, stabbing her back with a knife, and removing her skin. He then breaks her arm off and rips another one from the middle.

    When that didn’t seem enough to Art. He gets out of the room while Allie tries to get hold of her phone but before she reaches it. Art again shows up with bleach and salt and before he rips the skin off of her face he pours the bleach all over her and then rubs salt on the open wounds of Allie.

    As reports continue to cover the internet about the passing out of audiences, it will surely take a while for everything to get normal again for them. We don’t really get to see such movies frequently, so while we wait for more movies in this genre you can give a shot to these 10 Best Serial Killer Movies of All Time.

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