GamingRole-PlayingV Rising Cotton Location and How to farm Cotton Yarn

    V Rising Cotton Location and How to farm Cotton Yarn

    V Rising is a multiplayer survival game developed by Stunlock Studios. Because of its unique vampire theme and open-world environment where you can encounter numerous enemies and find resources to craft new items, it is not so strange how it has occupied the screens of many players right after a few weeks of its release.

    Talking about resources and crafting, cotton is one of the many essential resources you’ll need to have a lot of in order to advance in V Rising. However, locating cotton and crafting Cotton Yarn is quite a challenge for a lot of players. If you are also experiencing the same challenges, then worry no more because we got you covered.

    In this guide, we will not only help you with V Rising Cotton Location, but will also guide you on how to craft Cotton Yarn. But before that, you might also want to check out more of our guides on V Rising:

    Now without any further ado, let’s jump right into it.

    How to get Cotton

    V Rising All Bosses Locations
    Character from V Rising

    Cotton is a necessary ingredient in the production of Cotton Yarn. Cotton can eventually be planted and harvested on your own resource farm, but it must first be obtained from Cotton Farms scattered throughout the Dunley Farmlands.

    However, before you go out and harvest Cotton make sure you have the right tool you won’t be able to collect Cotton until you have Merciless Copper tools at the very least, you’ll need a Sword or Slashers for the greatest Cotton harvesting results.

    Additionally, the right Worker Blood Type is also recommended, since their blood quality effect can help you enhance your production.

    Although there are no such threats at the cotton farm other than garlic which will weaken you and make you more vulnerable to injury if you come into contact with it. So do make sure that you have Garlic Resistance Potions and Garlic Fever Antidote to make it easier and less risky.

    All Cotton Farm Locations

    V Rising Cotton Location
    Map of Dunely Farmlands / Via

    Cotton is a common resource in the Dunley Farmlands, there are exactly seven Cotton spawn places where you can quickly harvest a large quantity of this resource. However, picking cotton on the three Cotton Farms on the eastern side of Dunley Farmlands is highly recommended.

    How to Craft Cotton Yarn

    You’re probably wondering how to make Cotton Yarn now that you’ve gathered enough Cotton. To unlock the Loom and Cotton Yarn recipes, you must first fight Beatrice the Tailor. Struggling to find and defeat Beatrice the Tailor? We also have a guide on Beatrice the Tailor Location in V Rising.

    Once you are done with Beatrice the Tailor, you will now have to build a loom. For that, you will need 20 Planks, 12 Copper Ingots, and 4 Wool Threads. After you’ve built the Loom, interact with the loom where you’ll be able to make Cotton Yarn for 20 cotton pieces.

    Cotton Yarn being an essential item, it can be used to craft more necessary items like Hunter’s Cloak, Hollowfang Chestguard, Hollowfang Leggings, Hollowfang Gloves, and more.

    That is all on V Rising Cotton Location and How to farm Cotton Yarn. To know about Leandra The Shadow Priestess Location in V Rising or for more guides, keep following Retrology.

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