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    Raziel The Shepherd Location in V Rising

    Released on 17th May 2022, V Rising is definitely one of the most anticipated games of May 2022. With its unique gameplay and characters that allow players to experience the realistic dark vampire theme, it has already become the center of attention of many players. The game consists of numerous bosses, one of them is Raizel The Shepherd. However, many players struggle when it comes to Raziel The Shepherd’s location in V Rising.

    If you are also experiencing the same trouble then worry no more because we got you covered. In this guide, we will help you find the exact Raziel The Shepherd location in V Rising. So without any further ado, let’s get into it.

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    Raziel The Shepherd Location

    You will find Raziel the Shepherd just west of the Dunley Farmlands zone, in the Dunley Monastery area. Here you will find a massive church and once you enter the church on the other side of it you will come face to face with Raziel The Shepherd.

    Raziel The Shepherd Location

    You can also head over to the Blood Altar and open it up to discover where Raziel the Shepherd is. You can also track its scent and follow the path by simply pressing “Track Blood”

    This will be a long fight because Raziel the Shepherd has a lot of health and uses most of his spell-casting abilities against you, which deals a lot of damage. Here is some recommended gear that you should equip before going into the fight with Raziel.

    Recommended Gear

    Raziel The Shepherd Location

    Raziel the Shepherd deals holy damage, which will demolish you if you approach him without protection. It’s best to make some Holy Resistance potions and increase Holy Resistance to at least 65 to protect yourself from the attacks before you begin your adventure. Raziel The Shepherd is a level 60 V Boss, thus if your gear score isn’t high enough, you should try to upgrade your armor and weapons as well before coming face to face with Raziel.


    Raziel The Shepherd Location

    Once you have successfully defeated the boss, Raziel the Shepherd will drop:

    • Crimson Beam Vampire Power
    • Athenaeum structure
    • Recipe for Silver Resistance Potion and Corrupted Artefact

    That is all on Raziel The Shepherd location in V Rising. To know about our guide to the best base locations in V Rising or for more gaming guides, keep following Retrology.

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