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    Alpha Wolf Location in V Rising

    Released on 17th May 2022, V Rising is a multiplayer survival game developed by Stunlock Studios. Its unique vampire theme and open-world environment where you can encounter numerous enemies and find resources to craft new items is something that players cannot just resist. Talking about enemies, one such enemy is Alpha wolf.

    Although Alpha Wolf is a Level 16 boss in V Rising, locating this boss can be quite strenuous at times and if you are also struggling with locating Alpha Wolf then worry no more because we got you covered. In this guide, we will tell you about the Alpha Wolf location as well as the rewards that will get once you defeat it.

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    Now without any further ado, let’s jump right into it.

    Alpha Wolf Location

    Farbane Woods map in V Rising / Via

    Alpha Wolf can be located at the most southern part of the map, close to the Farbane Woods, there are exactly 3 Wolf Dens and the Alpha Wolf must be roaming around close to any of these three Dens. So if you are unable to find the Alpha Wolf at one of the Den then move to the other Den till you come face to face with the Alpha Wolf.

    Because the Alpha Wolf wanders around a lot, you can also activate the blood altar to pinpoint the exact location. Fortunately, he never ventures far from his den so you can locate the Alpha Wolf quite easily. To use the blood altar, first interact with the V Rising structure, then select the Alpha Wolf from the Blood Altar menu’s top menu, then click the “trace blood” button beneath its photo.

    Alpha Wolf being a beginner boss is quite easy to defeat some speedrunners may be able to kill the wolf in under 8 minutes. However, locating the Alpha Wolf is the ultimate challenge here but perhaps with this guide, you will be able to locate it quite easily.

    Alpha Wolf Rewards

    Alpha Wolf Location
    Farbane Woods map in V Rising / Via

    By fighting the Alpha Wolf, you can gain the Wolf Form ability. To get your hands on this ability, make sure that after the combat, you absorb the V Blood of the Alpha Wolf. Wolf Form is also quite beneficial because it can give your character a 45 percent speed increase. You will now be able to move more swiftly throughout the map with this form, however, it is not as fast as riding a horse.

    That is all on Alpha Wolf Location in V Rising. To know about Terah The Geomancer location in V Rising or for more guides, keep following Retrology.

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