MiscBest-ofTop 10 Quotes from Pain in Naruto which hit hard

    Top 10 Quotes from Pain in Naruto which hit hard

    Naruto has a fair amount of antagonists in the series. And one commendable villain from the show is Pain. Here we’ll share our top 10 quotes from Pain Naruto which surely adds a lot more depth to his character.

    Hatred binds us together

    “You think you’re the only ones who matter. You think you can put off death. But that peace made you foolish and thoughtless. If you kill someone, someone else will kill you… this hatred binds us together.”

    Pain talks about how everyone wants to seek revenge, peace isn’t that simple.

    Justice will breed only more revenge

    “We are but men, drawn to act in the name of revenge that we deem to be justice. But… if there is justice in revenge then that same justice will breed only more revenge… and trigger a cycle of hatred.”

    He relates justice and revenge with each other. Justice may be avenging someone else and that is just revenge.

    No peace in this cursed world

    “Just by living, people hurt others without even realizing it. So long as humanity exists, hate will also exist. There is no peace in this cursed world. War is just a crime paid for by the pain of the defeated…”

    Peace can never truly be achieved, no matter how hard humans try.

    They learn what true pain is

    “Even the most ignorant, innocent child will eventually grow up as they learn what true pain is. It affects what they say, what they think… and they become real people.”

    Once exposed to the harsh realities of the world, every child matures and changes.

    Lessons are learned through pain

    “Sometimes you must hurt in order to know, fall in order to grow, lose in order to gain because life’s greatest lessons are learned through pain.”

    Pain and struggles lead to a person understanding the mistakes they should avoid.

    What it is to know true pain

    “Learn to embrace the fear of feeling about what it’s like to contemplate what it is to know true pain. Because when I had nothing and no one – I always had pain.”

    Pain has learned what it truly meant to be in pain. When he was alone, pain was what helped him survive.

    The truth

    “Do you understand pain a little now? If you don’t share someone’s pain, you can never understand them. But just because you understand them doesn’t mean you can come to an agreement. That’s the truth”

    Being empathetic is important. If you’re empathetic you’ll understand what the person is going through and his reasons. But just cause you to understand doesn’t mean you should agree with their actions.

    Vengeance is the product of that hate

    “Love is the reason why there is pain. When we lose someone precious to us, hate is born. Vengeance is the product of that hate and so death follows. But in death, there is only more death. This will give rise to more pain. In this cursed world we live in, it is a cycle of hatred that will not cease. You and I seek the same thing that Jiraiya-sensei wanted. Let me ask you this: How will you confront this hatred in order to create peace?”

    Love eventually leads to hate and vengeance, causing deaths. This cycle can never stop, and until it stops peace is impossible.

    Justice only breeds more vengeance

    “Justice comes from vengeance, but that justice only breeds more vengeance.”

    As mentioned once before too, justice and vengeance are one and the same.

    Enough to start a war

    “Religion, ideology, resources, land, spite, love or just because. No matter how pathetic the reason, it’s enough to start a war.”

    Sometimes humans go to war just for the sake of it. Even if the reason is stupid, they are inclined to look for a spark to initiate it.

    That’s all for our top 10 quotes from Pain Naruto. Furthermore, you can also check out fans’ reactions to the addition of Luffy’s Gear 5 in One Piece Film: Red.

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