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    Luffy’s Gear 5 will be shown in Film: Red and fans are not happy

    A new One Piece Film: Red poster appears to have been leaked in the form of a photo for an upcoming Shonen Jump magazine. It leads fans to question if Luffy’s latest transformation, Gear Fifth, will play a role in this movie. This poster has sparked the conversation about Luffy’s Gear 5 in Film Red.

    One Piece: Red, Eiichiro Oda’s newest film in the franchise, will be shown in Japanese theatres this August. This would include the long-awaited return of Red Haired Shanks as well as the debut of his daughter, the ultimate diva, Uta’s

    Also, this One Piece film red picture was published on Twitter which shows Luffy in his newest form also known as Gear 5. Many are guessing that Gear 5 will be featured in the film Red. This is exciting news for fans because far as anime is concerned, the first appearance of Gear fifth in the anime series is still 8 to 9 months away.

    Although it is an exciting addition, some fans are conflicted about this addition to the movie which is centered around a new character. The main concern is about the fact that this power doesn’t have anything new to offer nor ties with the storyline much.

    What is Luffy Gear 5 which is shown in Film Red?

    Gear 5 “Gear Fifth” is a transition that occurs as a result of the waking of the Gomu Gomu no Mi. It originally appeared on the Skull Dome rooftop during Luffy’s final battle with Kaidou.

    The Gomu Gomu no Mi‘s awakening gives the user’s rubber-like body. It comes with tremendous physical power and freedom, allowing them to battle in whatever way they want. As a result, the user is supposed to become the Warrior of Liberation. This helps in delivering pleasure and freedom to others around them, making it the world’s most absurd power.

    With the excitement and conflicts in mind, let’s wait for the film to be released. Then pass our judgments on Luffy’s Gear 5 in film red. Maybe it has a tie to the story in some way or maybe it serves another purpose. Let’s wait and watch. Until then, for more content on Luffy’s Gear 5, keep visiting Retrology.

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