GamingThe three most interesting indie games announced in Humble Games Showcase 2023

    The three most interesting indie games announced in Humble Games Showcase 2023

    After the exclusive sale of up to 80%, Humble Game had another surprise up its sleeve. The Humble Games Showcase 2023 which was on the IGN YouTube channel was shown on the 18th of May and revealed many indie games to look forward to this year. Out of all the ones presented, we chose some which caught our attention and are looking forward to their release this year.

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    #BLUD is an upcoming indie game by Exit 73 and is expected to be launched in a year or less time. Players take on the role of Becky Brewster, a high school student who worries as she switches between her school plans and friends during the day and slashes vampires at night.

    The 2D game #BLUD features animation that is reminiscent of the 1990s or the early 2000s. Honestly, it reminds me of Cartoon Network as it had this type of distinct animation style for most of its cartoons.

    Bo: Path of the Teal Lotus

    Bo: Path Of The Teal Lotus, a new game by Squid Shock Studios was another game in the showcase with stunning visuals. It is inspired by Japanese folklore with the main character having the same design as Kitsune. It also draws inspiration from a wide range of Japanese art forms, such as woodblock prints and ink-brush paintings. There is currently no release date available.

    The game is in a 2D format one with amazing visuals throughout the game. If the story doesn’t attract you, the art will surely stun you with how beautiful it is. Unfortunately, there isn’t any specific date or period it is expected to release.


    Cataclismo is a tower defense strategy game from the makers of Moonlighter and The MageseekerDigital Sun. This game places you in the shoes of soldiers who have left the “Last City” on a quest to erect new fortifications, thus it appears that humanity is nearing the end.

    Cataclismo tests players’ real-time strategy and castle-building abilities as they apply them to a tower defense game. Building fortifications, battling waves of adversaries, and directing an expedition while attempting to reconstruct humanity are your main tasks. Also, you then have to defend the work from the monsters of the night.

    The art style reminds you of a medieval era during a large-scale war. A Cataclismo release date has not yet been disclosed so we cannot say anything about the gameplay yet.

    Another game that was shown in the Humble Games Showcase 2023 along with its confirmed release date is Stray Gods, an interactive action game. For more info on this game, check out our Stray Gods article and determine for yourself how immersed you feel in its story.

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