GamingAll indie games published by Humble Games are on sale for up...

    All indie games published by Humble Games are on sale for up to 80%

    Humble Games is one of the best indie game publishers out there, thanks to their unique choice of indie games. I haven’t played all of the titles but my favorite ones are Ghost Song, Moonscars, The Wild and Heart, and a few more. One thing I love about Humble Games is the variety of genres and art styles in their games. From pixel art to cell shading to 3D, there are indie games of all kinds. Humble Games is currently doing a sale in which all of its games are on discounts ranging up to 80% off.

    As we just shared that Midnight Fight Express is 30% off for this week, it is now time to discuss the discounts on other titles from the same publisher.

    Humble Games Publisher Sale

    Till the end of this week, which would be the 21st of May, the games published by Humble Games are on sale. There is no fixed percentage of discounts but it ranges from 10% to 80%. Since there are not a lot of days for the sale to continue, it would be better to grab your favorite indie games as soon as you can.

    The following titles of Humble Games are on sale in the Humble Game Publisher Sale event on Steam.

    TitleGenreOriginal PriceDiscounted PriceDiscount
    Infinite GuitarsRPG, Action, Music$19.99$15.99-20%
    Ghost SongMetroidvania, Platformer$19.99$13.99-30%
    SignalisSurvival Horror$19.99$15.99-20%
    Coral IslandFarming, Simulation$24.99$22.49-10%
    MoonscarsAction, Metroidvania, Souls-like$19.99$13.99-30%
    ProdeusFPS, Retro$24.99$17.49-30%
    TemtemMMORPG, Turn-based$44.99$30.14-33%
    Midnight Fight ExpressBeat ’em up, Isometric$19.99$13.99-30%
    The Iron OathStrategy, Turn-based$19.99$17.99-10%
    Chinatown Detective AgencyPoint & Click$24.99$12.49-50%
    ArchvaleAction, Adventure$14.99$8.99-40%
    Next Space RebelsSimulation, Crafting$19.99$9.99-50%
    Into The PitFPS, Roguelike$14.99$7.49-50%
    UnsightedAction, RPG$19.99$9.99-50%
    Flynn: Son of CrimsonAction, Adventure$19.99$9.99-50%
    Dodgeball AcademiaRPG, Sports$24.99$12.49-50%
    The Wild At HeartPuzzle, Adventure$24.99$12.49-50%
    Project WingmanAction, Flying$24.99$12.49-50%
    Floor 13: Deep StatePoint & Click$19.99$9.99-50%
    CartoAdventure, Puzzle$19.99$7.99-60%
    Ring of PainRoguelite, Card Game$19.99$5.99-70%
    Popup DungeonRPG, Strategy$24.99$9.99-60%
    Fae TacticsRPG, Turn-based$19.99$7.99-60%
    One Step From EdenRoguelite$19.99$7.99-60%
    Crying SunsRoguelite, Space$24.99$7.49-70%
    Void BastardsFPS, Roguelite$29.99$8.99-70%
    The OccupationAdventure$29.99$8.99-70%
    Wizard of LegendRoguelike$15.99$4.79-70%
    Aegis DefendersTower Defense$19.99$4.99-75%
    Monaco: What’s Yours Is MineCo-op, Stealth$14.99$2.99-80%

    These are literally all of the games of Humble Games that are on sale. There are some new titles that are currently in development. For Example, Stray Gods is one that I find really unique and creative. It’s a musical, RPG game but with Greek Gods set in a modern environment.

    Time to go grab the discounted games. For more news on indie games, keep following Retrology.

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