Stray Gods, the Musical RPG with modern Greek Gods, now has an official release date

    Recently a new game, Stray Gods, got its release date published by the company, and it is not far from now. The game is described as an interactive role-playing musical, so like the games of the same genre, it will feature choosing between several options as the story progresses. The options determine the path you take, as there may be several endings or side stories impacted accordingly.

    Let’s begin with the news you’ve been anticipating, which is the release date. According to the official website Summerfall Studios, the confirmed Stray Gods release date is August 3, 2023, which is not a long time considering we’re just about to start June.

    Plot of game

    The plot for the game is from the point of view of Grace, a college dropout, who is given the power of a Muse in a world where modern fantasy exists. Grace will need this power to discover the cause of her predecessor’s death before time runs out.

    In this hand-illustrated role-playing musical, you get to choose who Grace sides with, who she can trust, and who can betray her. The story is about taking decisions and finding the answers within seven days. During this limited time, Grace must demonstrate her innocence to the Greek pantheons.

    Comic Book Art Style

    The artwork for Stray Gods is 2D hand-illustrated with still pictures. The artwork and frame-by-frame images give the feel of a graphic novel or comic book. Also, the characters having powers make it feel more like a traditional action and drama-filled comic book.

    Interactive game with multiple paths

    The game includes branching narrative paths, where player choice will not only determine the story and tone of the dialogue spoken, but also the lyrics, and styles of music that the main character Grace sings.

    The production claims that the story is so diverse that it is virtually impossible for someone or you yourself to have the same plot line twice.

    Trailer of Stray Gods

    Here is the trailer from the official Youtube channel of the developers which gives an interesting glimpse into the animation and storyline of the game. For more details, you can also check out the recent Q&A uploaded on their channel.

    If you want to get your hands on this interactive musical game, Stray Gods, add it to your wishlist on Steam or the publishing website, Humble Games. Until then, you can spot some hidden gems in the indie games published by Humble Games which are on are on sale for up to 80% on the website.

    Izna Anjum
    Izna Anjum
    I am Izna, an avid reader, gamer and otaku. I love to watch anime and write about them. Being a fan of single-player games, I like to play and guide the users with my gaming guides.
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