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    Straw Hat Pirates New vs. Old Bounties (After Wano Arc)

    As the fights and actions of StrawHat pirates become more and more hectic over time, they are surely in focus. Their story has become wild with more crimes being committed now. The more they escape from the government’s grasp, the more they become notorious, and expectedly, their bounty increases. Let’s get into the now-updated new bounties of Straw Hat pirates and compare them to their old ones.

    The Straw Hat Pirates, also known as the Mugiwara Pirates, the Straw Hat Crew, or simply the Straw Hats, are a notorious and formidable pirate crew from the East Blue. They have all the major characters and the focus of the manga and anime One Piece is mainly on them. They are under the command of the main protagonist.

    Straw Hat Pirates New Bounties


    Strawhats new bounties

    Old Bounty: 1.5 Billion
    New Bounty: 3 Billion

    With the bounty of 3,000,000,000/3 Billion on Luffy, he is indeed the one with the largest bounty in East Blue. A solid amount for a Protagonist and captain of Strawhats and bounties. His prize was increased to this much for beating Kaidou, and he became recognized as one of the Four Emperors.



    Old Bounty: 320 Million
    New Bounty: 1.101 Billion

    Roronoa Zoro, popularly known as “Pirate Hunter,” was the first one to join the StrawHats. Zoro is one of their two swordsmen, and one of the StrawHat Grand Fleet’s Nine Senior Officers. Zoro’s bounty gradually increased but beating the All-Star King of the Beasts Pirates sealed it to 1,111,000,000.



    Old Bounty: 66 Million
    New Bounty: 366 Million

    Nami is getting stronger and more capable with each arc. She was first awarded a bounty of 16 Million. From there on, it increased a lot without her doing much to earn it. After the Raid on Onigashima, her bounty become 366 Million.



    Old Bounty: 200 Million
    New Bounty: 500 Million

    Usopp is the StrawHat Pirates’ sniper and one of the StrawHat Grand Fleet’s nine senior officers. Similar to Nami, Usopp also had a big increase in his bounty after the events of the Raid on Onigashima, having him currently at 500 Million.



    Old Bounty: 330 Million
    New Bounty: 1.032 Billion

    Initially, Sanji was given a bounty of 77,000,000 for the events at Enies Lobby and for beating Jabra of the CP9. However, much to his chagrin, Sanji’s poster features a sketch of him that hardly resembles him and once put someone else in trouble. Following this, his bounty increased a lot and now stands at 1.032 Billion. Unfortunately, his name is mentioned wrong as he has denounced his surname but posters have them.



    Old Bounty: 100 Berries
    New Bounty: 1000 Berries

    With the low bounty, it may seem like it’s fitting as Chopper is just a cute animal. Well, that’s what the government thinks which is why his bounty is so low. Even though he has defeated notable names but still he is of no importance. This shows that the amount of bounty doesn’t describe the capability of the character.



    Old Bounty: 130 Million
    New Bounty: 930 Million

    As the solitary survivor of the destroyed West Blue island, Ohara, Robin can read and comprehend Poneglyphs and is one of only two persons in the world known to do this. It is banned and considered a dangerous capability to the World Government. This is why she is dangerous to them and wants her dead no matter what. It explains why she has a high bounty.


    Franky: Strawhats new bounties

    Old Bounty: 94 Million
    New Bounty: 394 Million

    After the involvement in the Enies Lobby Incident, Franky got series attention. Later he was also convicted of burning the Blueprints holding Pluton. This later increased after the Raid on Onigashima, skyrocketing his bounty to a very high number.


    Brook: Strawhats new bounties

    Old Bounty: 83 Million
    New Bounty: 383 Million

    After being dead for decades, Brook came back to life and joined the infamous StrawHat group. He started off with a low bounty of 83 million. Later on, along with others, Onigashima Raid cost him a total of 300 million at the same time.


    Jinbei: Strawhats new bounties

    Old Bounty: 438 Million
    New Bounty: 1.1 Billion

    Jinbe is a hybrid of whale, shark, for some type of other fish with a man and is a powerful master of Fish-Man Karate. He was the last to join Strawhats, previously being part of the Sun Pirates and there his bounty was first placed. Later he left everything behind and joined this new group which awarded him with a new bounty of 1.1 Billion.

    This is the end to StrawHat pirates new bounties in comparison to their previous ones. Which one of these do you think deserves their bounties the most and who doesn’t?

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