GamingSony's PlayStation acquires Savage Game Studios to join its Mobile Division

    Sony’s PlayStation acquires Savage Game Studios to join its Mobile Division

    Savage Game Studios is a mobile game development team that mainly focuses on action games. Sony’s PlayStation has made new updates recently, and one of them is the latest news from the gaming town. That Savage Games join PlayStation. Here is all the information you need to know.

    Savage Games Join PlayStation Mobile Division

    Sony’s PlayStation has made big plans for its games platforms. This year, PlayStation joined hands with Nixxes Software for the transformation of the games exclusively for PC. Sony has mega plans to deliver world-class experience games on PC and smartphones by 2025.

    PlayStation has built a new division for just mobile games. This division is a whole new development team that entirely focuses on building mobile games with state-of-the-art experience. Savage Games Studios has no big name under their title. This implies that the very first game developed by the studio will be under the title of PlayStation Mobile Division name.

    Play Station wants to focus on IPs

    PlayStation’s motive behind the mobile division is out and clear. Sony wants to increase the reach of its games to its audience. In the epoch of smartphones, Sony wants to increase its audience by reaching them through phones. Their primary motive is to boost their audience and increase the popularity of their games brand in its audiences.

    Sony made a clear statement regarding its mobile game development division. They want to present games that are “innovative, on-the-go experiences” for the players. And they also cleared that the mobile games will not affect the branding of the past console games. Sony also informed that the Savage team is already working on the AAA live game with their passion.

    Sony wants its games to be launched in the mobile market. Whether it’s new or existing IPs of the smartphones. They stated explicitly that the commitment to fans regarding console games will never be left incomplete. Moreover, Sony will soon be making new announcements related to the new big game titles on PC.

    Sony needs to keep up with the expectations of its audience in the mobile market. As capitalizing on the mobile market would be a huge profit for Sony. Recently, Sony launched PlayStation 5 DualSense Edge Controller which is all ready for the market. Savage Games joining PlayStation was a progressive decision or not, time and audience will speak of it.

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