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    Solving “Steal a Githyanki Egg” Quest in Baldur’s Gate 3

    With the role-playing aspect of Baldur’s Gate 3, there are some choices you can make to change the track of your storyline and your relationships with people. Steal the Githyaki Egg is one of those, as it allows you to make a decision that can affect your role-playing later on. This means it depends on your perception of what you think is the right thing to do. Let’s not wait any further and get going with the guide for the quest to Steal a Githyanki Egg in Baldur’s Gate 3.

    Meet Lady Ester

    To start the quest, you first need to meet Lady Ester. Make your way to Rosymorn Monastery Trails and follow the path towards the North and turn at the small path on your right. Here you’ll find Lady Ester, and she’ll ask you to steal the Githyaki Egg for her. She will explain that the Society of Brilliance has asked for this egg, so they can monitor it and see if it shows any level of violence under their care.

    She will promise the reward later, but you can get a portion of it if you use persuasion and succeed in getting 275 gold. Once the quest has begun, you can talk to Lady Ester again and see her shop to buy something.

    Inside Creche Yllek

    Starting from the Rosymorn Monastery point, go straight ahead and turn right towards the windows. You’ll notice the glass broken there, so go in and pass through the Kobold area If you haven’t done the Blood of Lathander quest which needs Ceremonial weapons, you might need to fight Kobold and his allies. If yes, then you can just continue without taking care of the attacks.

    Go outside through the passage from this room and maneuver around the lakes until you reach the castle area back. Once you are back on the ground, break the barricade and keep going as the passage takes you. You’ll eventually reach a broken flight of stairs so take this passage and you will reach the door that is labeled as Rosymorn Monastery basement. Through this, you will be able to break in without much of a fight.

    Another way you can reach Creche Yllek is by using a hidden passage and lockpicking. By the door of the Monastery, go beside the stairs and head towards the rocky path going down. Look for the knotted roots that will help you climb down.

    Down here, navigate around until you see a hidden passage with a lock. Use a lock pick to break in, which will open up to a Githyanki questioning you at the door. Use the correct dialogue and persuasion to get in easily.

    This step is better if you have a fellow Githyanki on your team, as they will be better at answering the queries.

    Acid Lake

    Once you reach the area with a sea-green lake, known as the Acid Lake, look for high rocks and keep going until you see rocks with purple symbols on them. The one closer to the edge is over, where you’ll find a Githyaki egg. Avoid the other rock as it will transport you somewhere else.

    Alternative: Give her an Owlbear Egg

    If you feel like giving Lady Esther a Githyanki Egg is a mistake after the conversation, you can choose to give her an Owlbear Egg instead. The owlbear egg can be found at Owlbear Nest at a specific location. You can give her the Owlbear Egg and then use your luck to persuade her that it is a Githyanki Egg.

    Be careful with this decision because if you fail, you’ll need to fight with Lady Esther who is a level 5 enemy. She is hard to defeat, so be prepared for this fight if you wish to defeat her. Once dead, you will be able to get the rewards she was going to give you originally for the Githyanki egg.

    In Baldur’s Gate 3, there is no apparent impact of stealing the Githyanki egg or persuading to go in to steal as in the game no one knows about it. And that is all for this guide.

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