GamingTurn-Based StrategyGuide to solve "Blood of Lathander" quest in Baldur's Gate 3

    Guide to solve “Blood of Lathander” quest in Baldur’s Gate 3

    All the quests in games give some kind of reward or exp as an achievement to the players on their completion. While some stick to usual achievements, money, or exp, some quests give a weapon or relic as a reward. In Baldur’s Gate 3, the quest for Blood of Lathander is just like the latter as you get to use The Blood of Lathander as a weapon. If you want to get this weapon, keep reading as this guide will explain the whole process.

    Placing Ceremonial Weapons

    This quest takes place in the Rosymorn Monastery. First, you need to place all the Ceremonial weapons on the right pedestals present on the first floor of this temple. All Ceremonial Weapons are found around the temple with their brief locations as:

    • Ceremonial Longsword: Already present on one of the pedestals.
    • Ceremonial Mace: Go down to the wine cellar in Rosymorn Monastery and defeat Kobold to get it.
    • Ceremonial Battleaxe: Find the Enchanted door in the East wing of this temple and lockpick to open it. Then defeat the Guardian of Faith to get the Battleaxe present in the room.
    • Ceremonial Warhammer: Present on the roof of the Monastery and can be acquired by fighting the eagles or using sneaky tricks.

    Now for the order, here is the order in which you should place the weapons by keeping the Ceremonial Longsword as the main point.

    1. Longsword – Front of the doorway
    2. Warhammer – Right from the Longsword
    3. Battleaxe – Right from the Longsword
    4. Mace – In front of longsword

    This will reveal the Dawnmaster’s Crest that is used later in this quest.

    Statue Puzzle

    Next, go to the room with two statues. Here

    Now for the statue puzzle, interact with them and turn the right one to the East and the left one towards the West. In the game, the West Statue should be facing the secret door while the other one is away from it. This is to symbolize East and West. The secret door will open, revealing a secret passage.

    Break dawn breakers

    Once through, you’ll notice waves of light passing through the main path. These are caused by dawn breakers and can detect you. You can break them with medium to long-range weapons easily. The last dawn breaker would be on the right side below the ground level. Break it to open the door to the area with the relic inside.

    Main Chamber

    Now you’ve reached the last part of this quest. Inside you’ll see a large gold structure after the statues. Go towards its middle and choose to exchange the relics and take the real one with you. This relic is Blood of Lathander.

    Make sure to have the relic Dawnmaster’s Crest or else you’ll be trapped in. Also, there will be four dawn breakers around the gold structure, so break them too before you are caught in it.

    Blood of Lathander

    The reward of this quest is Blood of Lathander which is a useable weapon. It is best to be used with a medic character as its spells are more about aid than attack.

    “The large chunk of amber set into the handle of this luminous more supposedly holds four drops of godly blood fallen to the earth in a battle between an avatar of Lathander and a maddened Chosen of Mystra”

    Basic Stats

    • Rarity: Legendary
    • 1d6 + STR Modifier + 3 Bludgeoning
    • Weapon Enchantment +3
    • Sunbeam (Lvl 6 Evocation Spell)
    • Range: 1.5m


    • Lathander’s Blessing: Regain 2-12 hit points once your hut points return to 0. This can be done once per long rest.
    • Lathander’s Light: A blinding light is released to a 6m radius and all enemies are blinded unless they are able to succeed in Constitution Saving Throw.

    And this is how you can get your hands on the legendary relic Blood of Lathander in Baldur’s Gate 3. There are many other quests like Finish the Masterwork Weapon which also provides you with a weapon as a reward, so do try them too.

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