GamingRaft Zipline Parts Locations Guide (Caravan Town)

    Raft Zipline Parts Locations Guide (Caravan Town)

    Raft is a story survival game that features many different updates, keeping the payers constantly busy with new objectives and places to explore. Caravan Island is one of them and comes in Update 12. The island is home to a village known as Caravan Town which features a container-built tower in the center. They also have a few high points from where the Ziplines are attached for easy access.

    While on the island, the player has several tasks including finding three Zipline Parts to make a Zipline Tool. These tools are very handy, especially in areas where jumping is hard. As there are all tools present to craft a Zipline on Caravan Town, we will tell you about all Raft Zipline Parts Locations and how to find them.

    Fill up the Well – Zipline # 1

    The first Zipline Part is located at Caravan Town. You will find a well with no water on the ground level. The zipline section lies at the bottom of the well, and getting to it requires filling the well with water.

    Well that contains zipline part
    Location of well on caravan island

    There is an area where you can find pipes that can transmit water between one another. There will also be a water pump to switch on the water. You may need to pump out the water a few times before the well is filled.

    Location of pump to fill up well
    Location of pump

    Your job is to position the pipes such that water flows all the way down to the well. The zipline part will float on top of the well as it fills up.

    Raft Zipline Parts Locations # 1
    Zipline part # 1

    Follow the pipe underwater – Zipline # 2

    To go to the next section, look for a bike near a pipe on the island. This pipe extends far into the water. Make sure that you are prepared with flippers and supplies needed to be underwater.

    Bicycle and pipe leading to the 2nd zipline part
    Bicycle and pipe leading to the 2nd part

    Keep following the pipe. Do look for air pockets during your dive/ These air pockets help you gain breath and without them, you cannot go too far. Considering how far this blue container is, search for air pockets. When you finally reach the blue container, you’ve found your Zipline Part # 2.

    The blue container containing part
    The blue container containing part

    Look inside the blue container and you will find three things; a blueprint, an infirmary key, and the second zip line part you are looking for.

    Raft Zipline Parts Locations # 2
    Zipline part # 2

    Follow the pipe underwater – Zipline # 3

    For the third zip line section, you must make your way to the top of the island and locate the rocket on the hills. This rocket would be found at the edge almost. The objective is to fire this rocket off. Check the direction of the rocket once it has been lit. Two tiny floating islets may be seen below. Climb to the top of the huge one to access the last zip line section.

    Rocket which needs to be exploded
    Rocket which needs to be exploded

    The explosive powder is required to fire the rocket. If you don’t have any explosive powder, you may just kill a pufferfish, acquire some explosive ooze, and cook it in the furnace. You will see a small island on your right, the parts of the rocket will be dropped here. Light up the rocket to complete this mission

    The smaller hill
    The smaller hill

    Finally, make your way down carefully. Reach the top of this second smaller hill/island. You will find the last part of the zipline here, the one shaped like a box.

    Raft Zipline Parts Locations #3
    Raft Zipline Parts Locations # 3

    Now that you’ve retrieved all Raft Zipline Parts from their respective Locations, you can craft them easily and use them to move around the top points.

    If you are having difficulty finding other items’ locations, here are a few guides for them. If these are not the ones you are looking for, check our gaming section for more.

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