GamingAll Raft Vasagatan Blueprints Locations Guide

    All Raft Vasagatan Blueprints Locations Guide

    The famous Raft is a video simulation game of survival. On the 23rd of May 2018, the Swedish developer Redbeet Interactive and Axolot Games released their initial release. It was first available for free access in 2016 on the platform. The Raft Vasagatan is the 10th updated version of the game and is available on Windows and Macintosh. It has both solo and multiplayer modes.

    This game is about survival and the struggles to stay alive in an open wide sea. As a player, you and your teammates are pushed into a real-world experience of surviving an open sea-stranded situation. Your mission will be to survive in the thresholding ocean with whatever it takes to survive there.

    Apart from hunger and dehydration, we have to escape the man’s bloodthirsty sharks. Vasagatan is the nearest place for you to find more supplies. It is a shipwreck near a small lagoon and can be found by the coordinates you get from Radio Tower. There are also blueprints which you can find through your journey and here, this guide will tell you how to locate Raft Vasagatan Blueprints Locations.

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    Vasagatan: The Shipwreck 

    Vasagatan: The Shipwreck 
    Vasagatan: The Shipwreck 

    The shipwreck Vasagatan has its own voyage to this state. It has many supplies, extra items, and products in there. But it isn’t easy. There are many lurkers living there to get hands-on supplies. There are five floors, with a hold for cargo and an outdoor deck.

    Going down the way, you will find many notes as well. These notes will provide detail about the ship and why it is in this demolished state. Here, you need to search for the Loot Box. But with the team, we can easily find Loot Box shortly with proper strategy.

    The Plan Of Action

    The Plan Of Action
    The Plan Of Action

    By now, it will be obvious that you cannot pass any level of this game without planning. Raft Vasagatan could be challenging if not strategically planned. You need a list of helping supplies and supporting items to inspect the shipwreck.

    1. Lights To See: Without a torch or headlights, you cannot see anything inside. You should have at least two headlights before you step inside. With one headlight, you cannot complete the inspection of the ship.
    2. Weapons For Defense: You will need weapons and arms to protect yourself from lurkers inside who will attack often during searching.
    3. Water And Food: The ship does. have the supplies and extra items to loot on. But it is recommended to bring yours as a backup. Also as a team, each player needs to carry their own.

    Apart from these supplies and backup, there are many tools you can utilize to get your doors, and lockers and to build other tools.

    Blueprints Locations 

    Blueprints Locations 
    Blueprints Locations 

    There are two blueprints locked in a room on the last floor. You need to get those items to get ahead to the next spot – Balboa Island. But the door is blocked which needs to be unlocked by new crafts you made. At this advanced level of the game, you cannot proceed forward if you cannot build new tools and crafts.

    To unblock the door, craft a bomb with supplies you collected on your way to the bridge. An electric wire, a lighter, a gas tank, and a bullet is the perfect combination for the doom of the door. After you get the bomb ready, step back from the door and let it clear your way.

    Blueprints Usage 

    After the door to the bridge is opened, grab the items for the engine and steering wheel to help you go to the next story spot. You need to craft an engine with the supplies you collected for your next raft.

    For the engine, you need 5 metal ingots and ropes with one circuit panel and 20 planks. And for the steering wheel, you’ll need 4 metal ingots and ropes with 10 scraps and 2 bolts.

    Here is a pro tip for you to get your engine working right with the functional steering wheel. The engine should be in the water to operate and the steering wheel can be anywhere to be functional. But it’s ideal if you place it close to the receiver. This will help give proper direction to your raft and to look forward to it.

    Hopefully, this guide will help you in finding all Raft Vasagatan Blueprints Locations and get to the next stage. Apart from this, you can also look for other Raft Guides on our guides page for better guidance in your game. 

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