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    Pristine Hide Location in V Rising

    V Rising was already one of the most awaited games of 2022 and since its release on 17th May 2022, it has already made its way to the screens of many players. Its unique vampire theme and open-world environment where you can encounter numerous enemies and find resources to craft new items is something that players cannot just resist. Talking about the resources and collectibles, one such resource is Pristine Hide.

    Getting your hands on Pristine Hide will become vital for you at some point since it’s a prerequisite for obtaining Pristine Leather. And if you’re struggling with finding Pristine Hide Location then worry no more because we got you covered.

    In this guide, we will help you find the exact Pristine Hide Location in V Rising. So without any further ado, let’s get into it.

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    Pristine Hide Location

    Pristine Hide Location
    Dunely Farmlands from V Rising

    To get your hand on Pristine Hide you basically have to take down some werewolves, once you beat these wolves they will drop Pristine Hide. But where exactly do you find these werewolves? Well for that you will have to head over to the Dunely Farmlands.

    Although they can appear randomly in any region of Dunely Farmland you can specifically focus on the southeastern part of the Dunely Farmlands.

    Additionally, the wolves only spawn at night so make sure you do not go for a hunt in daylight and make your vampire vulnerable in the sunlight, rather go for a hunt after 8 pm. You can wait for dusk to hit the south-eastern area of Dunley Farmlands once you have a high enough Gear Level, around 55 or higher depending on your skill level.

    The werewolves tend to attack in groups here, but if you’re prepared, you may generally discover around 100 Pristine Hide with each kill.

    How to craft Pristine Leather

    The only reason you are hunting Pristine Hide is obviously to craft Pristine Leather. However, Pristine Hide is not the only resource that is required to get your hand on Pristine Leather. To craft Pristine Leather you will have to add Pristine Hide and as well as some Fish Oil in a tannery.

    If you have run out of Fish oil, you can discover it in containers that can be found while exploring villages and camps. You can also obtain Fish oil as a drop sometimes.

    That is everything you need to know about Pristine Hide Location and how to craft Pristine Leather out of it in V Rising. To know about V Rising all bosses locations or for more guides, keep following Retrology.

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