GamingRole-PlayingFerocious Bear location in V Rising

    Ferocious Bear location in V Rising

    V Rising is a multiplayer survival game developed by Stunlock Studios. The game was released on the 22nd of May 2022, on Windows. The game allows the user to play a customizable vampire who is weakened after waking up from centuries of slumber. Players have to find blood to replenish the vampire’s lost strength and hide from the Sun.

    Additionally, The game is also an open world, allowing players to travel across vast lands and fight different enemies along the way. In this guide, we will help you find the location of the Ferocious Bear, one of the strongest enemies in the game.

    Ferocious Bear Location

    Ferocious Bear’s location in V Rising

    The Ferocious Bear can be found at the very right of Farbane woods, in a cave called “Bear Cave”. Players can enter the cave through the passage south of the location as shown marked on the map. However, it may be easier for them to locate the Ferocious Bear if they unlock the Blood Altar. They can use the Blood Altar to find the exact location of the Bear by following the Blood Trail it shows.

    How to defeat Ferocious Bear

    It is recommended for a player to reach at least gear level 36 before attempting to battle this boss. After reaching this level, players will have already unlocked the Blood Altar, which would make finding the Ferocious Bear much easier. The Bear mainly has two attacks, both of which can deal a lot of damage to the players.

    Ferocious Bear location
    Ferocious Bear’s first attack in V Rising

    The first is one is rather simple, the Bear either comes toward the player or charges toward the player and attacks the player with its claws. The Bear may also charge toward the player dealing a lot of damage. Sometimes the Bear may do this a few times before moving on to its next time.

    Ferocious Bear location
    Ferocious Bear’s second attack’s first strike in V Rising
    Ferocious Bear location
    Ferocious Bear’s second attack leading to the first wave of falling rocks.

    However, the second attack can be a bit difficult to dodge. The Bear jumps forward toward the player and hits the ground. Although the initial attack on the ground is easy to dodge, even though the attack does damage to a large area, it also triggers rocks to come falling down. These rocks usually fall in three waves. Furthermore, the Bear also attacks while the rocks fall down, so players have to dodge both the rocks and the Bear’s attacks.

    Once the player successfully defeats the Ferocious Bear, they can use its form which can help in destroying rocks or other objects in the player’s way in the open world.

    That is all on the location of the Ferocious Bear, the few tips shared may also help you in your battle. You can also check out this brief guide of all the bosses found in V rising or the Silver Ore and Blood Essence guides. For more gaming guides, stay tuned to Retrology.

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