EntertainmentMangaOne-Punch Man's latest chapter disbands Blizzard Group

    One-Punch Man’s latest chapter disbands Blizzard Group

    One-Punch Man manga is now headed into a new arc which is referred to as the Psychic Sisters Arc. As the name suggests, it majorly involves Tatsumaki and Fubuki. The arc has just started to get good and we have already seen some developments. In the latest chapter of the manga, the so-called Blizzard Group has been disbanded.

    Blizzard Group was a group of low-class heroes in suits who passionately followed their leader, Fubuki. Given that Fubuki’s Hero Name is Blizzard of Hell, the group was also called Blizzard Group (but in some translations Fubuki Group). To tell you the truth, except for Fubuki, the group wasn’t very competent and was there mainly for character development purposes.

    However, for Fubuki and her team, it still mattered a lot. Without spoiling anything, in the story, the psychic sisters are faced with a villain that possesses similar powers as the sisters and also plays a role in their past. The danger is looming and Fubuki has realized that she can’t protect her group and nor they can protect themselves against such an adversary. With that in mind, she puts up a serious face and officially disbands the entire Blizzard Group.

    This moment was sad in a way that the majority of Blizzard Group was present in front of Fubuki when she declared the disbanding. She, in fact, told them they were nothing but weak and useless. That is true but we know that Fubuki didn’t really mean it and said it just to make her announcement convincing and to give her ex-team an excuse for the split.

    We see the shocked faces of the Fubuki Group as the leader leaves the facility by telling them not to follow her anymore. We didn’t see Fubuki’s expression after that but she would be even sadder as after all this whole Blizzard Group was her idea.

    Even though it is harsh, Fubuki has shown tough love and has done this to keep her dear group safe from the upcoming dangers. For now, the group of suited heroes is disbanded and we don’t know if it will stay that way. Personally, I think the group will come again in this arc and play a somewhat important or at least an emotional role.

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    Talha Saqib
    Talha Saqib
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