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    One Punch Man Chapter 167 Discussion: TABLE FLIP, FINALLY!

    When I last reviewed the Chapter 166, I predicted that Blast will likely teleport Saitama and Garou to some other happened, and that’s exactly what happened in One Punch Man Chapter 167. The number 1 hero did the exact same and transferred both overpowered characters to one of Jupiter’s moons. In this article, One Punch Man Chapter 167 Discussion, we will analyze and discuss the highlights of the chapter and try to answer the fan’s questions.

    Before we begin, the obvious should be noted that this post contains spoilers for One Punch Man Chapter 167. That said, let’s jump right into the analysis.

    Saitama’s Wish Came True

    The One Punch Man had always wanted to face a foe that will give him a challenge and before Chapter 167, no one made Saitama’s wish true. Boros was arguably the strongest villain Saitama ever battled with but he too couldn’t live up to the bald hero’s expectations.

    However, in the latest chapter, Saitama himself said that he may have finally gotten what he wished for in the fist of the monster hunter Garou who now possesses divine powers. And that can be the case, because literally, Garou is insanely strong at the moment. No villain or hero (other than Blast and Saitama) comes close to Garou’s abilities.

    However, the key point in this moment was that despite being challenged (to some extent), Saitama still feels no excitement. Is it because of the death of his closest friend or is that the hero for fun has realized that his wish wasn’t something to look forward to?

    Nonetheless, the scene in which Saitama tells himself to better keep a tight grip on Genos’ core was truly wholesome.

    The Limitless Power

    One Punch Man Chapter 167 discussion
    Blast teleports Saitama and Garou

    Garou asked in One Punch Man Chapter 167 that is Saitama even human? And trust us, we have the exact same question. Just how strong is the One Punch Man really is?

    In this chapter, we were once again shown the scale of Saitama’s abilities. First off, for the entire chapter, he casually talked and move around in a very likely uninhabitable star. This feat alone is non-human.

    And then the protagonist actually kicked and grabbed a portal! Even in One Punch Man’s fiction, it doesn’t make sense for a human hero to grab openings of hyperspace dimensions. Moreover, Saitama beat up Cosmic Garou for the whole chapter with using only one arm. I repeat, he destroyed Garou – who is in his ultimate form powered by god himself – single-handedly.

    And to top it all, the one-handed destruction of a celestial body! Yes, we are talking about Saitama’s Table Flip.

    The Table Flip!

    At last, we finally got to see this move. Saitama’s Table Flip was one of the most talked about battle move from webcomics. Many fans were waiting for this moment to be redrawn by the hands of Murata. Even though it was speculated that the manga would not include this scene as it had drifted away from the webcomic, we finally got it.

    The aftermath of Saitama's Table Flip move
    The aftermath of Saitama’s Table Flip move

    In the webcomic, Saitama’s table flip move was more identical to Earth’s surface-shattering scene during Tatsumaki and Psykos Orochi. The Serious Table Flip that we got in One Punch Man Chapter 167 was a bit different but for the better. Saitama not just lifted the ground but in the manga, he, with the same move, actually destroyed the whole moon of Jupiter! Insane.

    Not to mention, he did that with just one hand unlike in the webcomic. Now, some people are debating whether the moon is completely destroyed or only the surface has been torn into pieces.

    It is not entirely clear, but judging from the color image of Saitama magnificently hammering the self-proclaimed Absolute Evil, it seems to us that the celestial body is completely turned into a massive pile of rocks and gas.

    Saitama Scared Garou

    Garou getting scared
    Garou getting scared

    Just wanted to quickly mention that Saitama really got the best of Garou in Chapter 167. Even to the extent, that he even scared the monster hunter.

    The “eek” that Garou gave when seeing Saitama popping out of his portal was similar to the voice that Darkshine gave out when fighting Garou. I remember that “eek” by Darkshine as it was very interesting to see the muscular hero getting scared for the first time in his hero career. He was even quite ashamed that why he made that sound in particular.

    Now, in this chapter, Garou ironically made the exact same sound. Whether it was a jump scare or Garou was actually terrified to his core, this subtle detail was fun to observe.

    Darkshine getting scared

    Was that Saitama’s Blood?

    We can’t end the One Punch Man Chapter 167 discussion without talking about the final scene of the chapter. In the last scene, Garou once again activated his Mode Saitama and managed to land a hit on Saitama. Now in the shot, we see something coming out of Saitama’s face.

    Some comments suggest that it was a normal spit. Some say it was the broken armor from Garou’s hand upon punching the One Punch Man. While some speculate that it was in fact blood. if it’s the last one, then it’s a big deal.

    One Punch Man Chapter 167 discussion
    Saitama getting punched by Garou

    Nobody has ever made Saitama bleed (Correct me if I am wrong). So, Garou pulling out this feat puts him in a remarkable position in the series.

    To me personally, it does look like Saitama’s blood! After all, Saitama’s own punch move was being hit to him. The reason why I deem it as blood is because on the close side, we can see Garou getting hit and that is clear. The dark spots on Garou’s side look very much like the blood and these same spots are on Saitama’s end, in my opinion.

    What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.


    Lastly, some short review of some other scenes. We now got to see the official version of Blast’s squad. If it weren’t for them, the Earth would have certainly taken the damage from the massive blast.

    Speaking of that blast, did it really wipe out millions or even more of the stars and galaxies around it? What was that giant black vacant spot in the space?

    One Punch Man Chapter 167 discussion
    One Punch Man Moon’s Back Side

    Not to mention, one of the creepiest scenes was when Earth’s moon’s backside was shown. It seems that not only the front side of the moon is damaged but the back side has an even bigger and deeper hole. What’s intriguing was the figure of a spine inside the moon. We are unsure of what it is but it has certainly something to do with god.

    That’s all on One Punch Man Chapter 167 discussion. Let us know your thoughts down in the comments. If you have liked the article, share it with the fans. For more reviews and manga content, keep following Retrology.

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