EntertainmentMangaOne Piece Chapter 1076 suggests Shanks is a child manipulator (No Spoiler)

    One Piece Chapter 1076 suggests Shanks is a child manipulator (No Spoiler)

    One Piece Chapter 1076 just got out and I must say that it was really good. I won’t spoil anything about the events that happened in the chapter but I would like to discuss one thing about our favorite Evil Shanks that is being talked about in communities on a lighter note. Before I continue, it should be noted that I am not making any claims and the following is just a funny analysis of Shank’s unintentional behavior.

    (But is it really unintentional?)

    So, what happened is that in One Piece Chapter 1076, we got to see Red Hair Pirates on a certain island. Of course, Shanks and his crew were in a bar and were planning to set off soon. There we see a kid trying to convince Shanks to take him with the crew. Of course, Shanks disagrees saying that there’s no way he would take a hot-headed kid like that with him on his ship. And then the scene cuts off.

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    But does it ring any bell? the same happened with One Piece’s protagonist Luffy. He was also a kid deeply inspired by Shanks. The Red Hair was again in a bar while planning to set sail soon. So what’s really happening here?

    Shanks is secretly manipulating children to become pirates. He is intentionally visiting different islands to look for children who have the potential of piracy and then to inspire/manipulate/groom – depending on how dark you want this go – them into becoming pirates by telling them his tales and adventures. Moreover, before leaving the island he is giving every such child something from him, for example, a peculiar straw hat, and makes an oath to them to return the item someday to him hence further pushing the children to set sail and join the pirate world.

    The pirate world is not as cool as it sounds. It is dangerous, risky, and life-threatening to many but still, Shanks is trying to convert the kids into future pirates. So far, we have seen only two kids that wished to join Shanks i.e. Luffy and this new kid. But how many would have Shanks manipulated in all those years?

    So, why would the evil Shanks be doing this? I think he wants to secure the future of piracy by keeping on making children pirates. Perhaps he also wants to make things difficult for the Marines by ensuring there will always be pirates. Or maybe he is doing this just for fun.

    I think that’s enough speculation for now. Like I said before that doesn’t take this idea of child groomer Shanks seriously as we know this is definitely not the case and Oda just wanted to show that Shanks’s persona always ends up inspiring children and seducing female bartenders and that’s just it… But is it?

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