NewsOmega Rugal announced as free DLC for KOF XV

    Omega Rugal announced as free DLC for KOF XV

    The King of Fighters XV or simply KOF XV is the latest installment in the popular fighting game series. KOF XV was released in February 2022 along with some other major games. The latest entry in the series features plenty of characters and now it has been officially announced that the notorious boss of the series, Omega Rugal will be joining the roster as well.

    Omega Rugal will join the KOF XV characters list on 14th April as a free DLC. Not just that but the new update will also include an additional game mode where players will have to beat CPU Rugal in a new arena apparently with quite a high difficulty. This new game mode will be called, “Boss Challenge”.

    Back in KOF 2002 and in some other titles, Rugal has given the players a fairly tough time. Among many of his attacks, his slashing legs attack was one of the most painful ones. Needless to say, it was no easy feat to beat Omega Rugal as the final boss. However, it was doable and extremely satisfying. Now, the famous villain will be joining KOF XV so, it would be really exciting to beat or play with Rugal.

    Following is the official announcement trailer of Omega Rugal DLC.

    That’s all on Omega Rugal KOF XV DLC. If you are playing The King of Fighters XV, don’t forget to check out our guide on how to beat the final boss of KOF XV.

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