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    How to beat Otoma Raga in The King of Fighters XV (Final Boss)

    The King of Fighters XV (KOF XV) was one of our top anticipated games of February 2022. Being a die-hard fan of the series and having been familiar with its characters since childhood, KOF XV was bound to give me a joyful experience like it has given many other fans who long-awaited the sequel.

    However, that experience can be ruined if you get stuck in the game, particularly with the final boss, Otoma Raga. But rest assured, we will guide you on how to beat Otoma Raga easily in KOF XV. It would take some practice at first, but upon getting the hang of it, you will certainly conquer that final battle.

    Following are the steps that you need to follow to beat Otoma Raga.

    1. Get near her fast and safe

    The first and the only challenging part is to get near Otoma Raga real quick and safe. We mentioned safe because that’s how it should be. If you get interrupted by her attacks while closing the gap between her and you, then you will be bound to take serious damage afterward. So, how should you close the gap in an effective manner? There are multiple ways, you can do that.

    a) Jump towards her

    You can jump towards Otoma Raga to get near her. While doing that, make sure that you are already at a distance where after jumping you will land right next to her.

    b) Running Grab or Dash Attack

    Alternatively, you can perform a Running Grab or a Dash Attack. The effective one would be the running grab as it will combine both the first and second steps in a single move. However, you can also dash towards an attack with players like Terry and more.

    Note: Don’t roll towards her as most often she will counter-attack you.

    2. Command Grab Otoma Raga

    Once, you are safely near her, it’s time to perform the second step which is to simply Command Grab the final boss. Most of the time, the grab will be unblockable and will deal significant damage.

    If your character doesn’t perform Command or Running grab, then you can follow third step as well.

    3. (Or) Make her fall

    Instead of grabbing her, you can do a combo of consecutive hits or a low attack. However, whatever you do, make sure that Otoma Raga falls to the ground as this will give you enough room and time to repeat the strategy.

    4. Keep Repeating

    Finally, keep repeating the same steps over until Otoma Raga’s complete health bar is depleted. To summarize, get near her fast and safe either by jumping towards her or performing a dash or running grab attack. If you have jumped, then either perform a grab attack or hit her low to make her fall. Keep doing this and you will be the winner with any character you would have chosen.

    General Tips

    • Don’t get too far from her as Otoma Raga has several long-ranged attacks.
    • Practice good timing and don’t be hasty.
    • Definitely don’t mash buttons.
    • Don’t let your guard down.

    That’s all regarding how to beat Otoma Raga in KOF XV. For more gaming guides and news, stay tuned with Retrology.

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