NewsMarvel Games and EA Announced the New Iron Man Game

    Marvel Games and EA Announced the New Iron Man Game

    Apart from the recent reveal of the She-Hulk product, there are a lot of things Marvel has been up to. Electronic Arts with Motive Studios and Marvel Games are ready for the next thrilling gaming project. None other than The Iron Man. The news was recently confirmed. And many other details will be soon disclosed to the fans. Let’s get some sneak peek news related to the new Iron Man Game.

    Marvel Games, EA Motive, and Disney Officially Announced Iron Man Game

    EA Motive Studio’s tweet revealed the new gaming project with Marvel Games. The project is still in the early development stage. The game was described as “an all-new single-player, action-adventure Iron Man game”. The official announcement was made at the Marvel Games Showcase 2022.

    The game primarily focused on the rich, enthusiastic, and charismatic Iron Man. This game will give the players the experience they have long awaited. The creative and genius Tony Stark along with his AI-powered assistant Jarvis. The players will finally and truly feel what it’s like to truly play Iron Man.

    Official’s Statement about the new Superhero game

    The game has the lead as Olivier Proulx. He also owes the masterpiece artwork in the previous Marvel games like Guardians of the Galaxy. He also has experts on board like  Ian Frazier, Maëlenn Lumineau, and JF Poirier.

    The official statement from the Vice President and Creative Director at Marvel Games, Bill Rosemann is here. He stated that “We are thrilled to collaborate with the talented team at Motive Studio to bring their original vision of one of Marvel’s most important, powerful, and beloved characters. heir experience delivering both established entertainment worlds and thrilling gameplay — combined with their authentic passion for the armored icon — will fuel our quest to deliver a love letter to a legendary hero in the form of the ultimate Iron Man video game.”

    The team is no newbie as he has also worked with big names before. Motive is currently working on the Dead Space remake. And it will be ready to be announced on 27th of January the following year. The studio’s team is also working on Star Wars: Squadrons as well.

    MCU fans are excited this game has tied high expectations than the previous ones. In 2008, a movie tie-in game was released by the original MCU film. But it turned out to be terrible. These are the latest updates on the new Iron Man game. And for fresh news, check the News section of Retrology.

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