GamingSoulslikeLies of P release date announced along with Pre-order details and more

    Lies of P release date announced along with Pre-order details and more

    If you are looking for a new Soulslike game to invest your time in, the new game called Lies of P by Neowiz Games and Round 8 Studio will surely stop your search. At Gamescom 2023, the game’s release date was revealed, which is 19th September 2023. The game is set to release on multiple platforms which include PC, Playstation 4/5, and Xbox One/Series X.

    Lies of P is a dark action role-playing game with a gothic steampunk aura, set in the 19th century Belle Époque era. It is based on the story of Pinocchio, with a raw and mechanical twist of adhering the story to its dark and brutal roots rather than the traditional story tale retelling.

    Choice of Lies

    As the name suggests, the game will feature options for the players to lie throughout the game which will determine their story arc and progression. In true Pinocchio style, the game will test the players on how much they rely on truth or take it easy with their lies.

    Don’t worry as the game includes active combat and various battles to keep you charged up throughout the game. Here is the gameplay trailer which shows what the game will be like.

    No difficulty

    Lies of P are confirmed to have no options in terms of difficulty or any other game-altering settings. The game’s director believes that some games should adhere to the mainstream gameplay that favors not one or another and gives an equal gameplay experience to everyone. He states that “he believes Soulslike games shouldn’t have difficulty options” during interviews with DualShockes.

    Multiple Endings

    According to the Game Director Ji-won Choi, the Lies of Pi has three endings, with no option for players to choose one and go for it. This is inspired by the way Bloodborne was set with three endings. Both of the main endings will be achieved with specific gameplay and choices. The last and third is a secret ending that we have no information about at the moment. This was revealed in his interview with IGN.

    “There are three different endings and if you get to the end of the story there’s a big surprise, a twist, waiting for you. The decisions that you make throughout the game will lead you to endings, so it’s not something that you have to pick at the ending, it will lead you throughout the game.”


    With the release date this close, the pre-order is now available on Steam and other platforms. If you go to the official site and preorder from there, you can get a Mischievous Puppet outfit, which is reminiscent of the original Pinocchio character we all know about.

    You can also try the demo version till 5th September 2023 found on the official site. Do give it a try to get the gist of what the game will be like. This can also help you decide if you want to spend on this game, as it is an expensive purchase.

    That is all that is revealed about the Lies of P. Hopefully, it gives you enough insight to know what this game will be like. Until its release, you can check out other news regarding Little Nightmare 3 which is also set to release soon with new mechanics.

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