GamingHorrorLittle Nightmare 3 announced - features new characters with co-op gameplay

    Little Nightmare 3 announced – features new characters with co-op gameplay

    The newest inclusion to the beloved Bandai Namco’s horror series, Little Nightmare is getting its third game. During the Opening Night Live presentation at Gamescom, a trailer for Little Nightmare 3 was revealed, which showed some details about the upcoming spooky project.

    This Little Nightmare features new characters, named Low and Alone who embark on a familiar yet scary journey around the fantasy realm known as Nowhere. The area is called Spiral which is just a bunch of scary and disturbing places with intimidating enemies scattered around the area. Both Low and Alone need to work together to escape the danger zones. Help these tiny creatures navigate through this eerie place and solve puzzles around the area to escape this nightmarish place.

    The trailer shows an interesting co-op function to the game, which is a new feature for the Little Nightmare series. This co-op feature allows the players to play with a friend as the game requires tasks made for two. Don’t worry if you don’t have someone to play with as in single-player mode, AI will take control of your partner.

    With no mention or appearance of Mono or Six, it is safe to assume that this game will focus on the journey of new characters. Fans are rather happy with this decision to not use the only characters, as the first two parts explained their story well. To use them more would just dry out the story, so this is a good decision on the developer’s part.

    Just like its other parts, Little Nightmare 3 will be released on PC, PlayStation 4 & 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Series X. There is no specific release date yet with only confirmation that it will be out in the next year, 2024.

    This is all that is disclosed about the Little Nightmare 3 announcement and story. With more news, we’ll be sure to keep you updated. Bandai Namco is also coming out with a new addition to the Tekken franchise with Tekken 8. You can check all the details regarding it here along with new characters, Raven And Azucena, which were recently revealed.

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